Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our Dreamy Bungalow {Liam's Room}

Onto Liam's Room!

I have, of course, given a tour of this room when it looked very, very similar to right now, over on this post when I first made it into the nursery. If you want to see more detailed shots of my pride and joy, first triumph with a sewing machine, crib bedding - look there.

When we bought the house, this room seems like a tiny afterthought to us. It is in between the other two and is definitely smaller than the anchoring rooms on either side of the floor.

Though, let's be honest, it was probably an afterthought to us, because it was styled as one? Random sofa and two arm chairs…no lighting or decor. Definitely an afterthought.

When we first moved in, this room became the "Man Room"

…and I have no photos of it? Or can't find them in any case. We painted the walls some dark tan color, and accented with navy blue and we had a TV, an Xbox and a Lazy-boy recliner in it…and that was essentially it. A place for the husband to play his video games in peace.

Naturally, when we found out we had kiddos coming along…his room got nixed.

Sorry, hubs.

The room looks fairly similar to the first version of the nursery, though I changed a few things when Liam arrived, and we have added more storage to accommodate the growing amount of toys from two kiddos.

One of my first projects after Liam arrived was this mobile above the dresser (at the time it was a changing table as well, though he got moved to the floor for diaper changes pretty early on because he was such a wiggly thing). When this was Evelyn's room, I had a flower wreath mobile hanging above the table that my friend Lisa had lovingly made for her girls and delivered to me when Evelyn arrived.

This, again, was one of those awesome free projects that just sort of came to me. I had wire, an embroidery hoop, this neutral yarn to wrap it in and precut squares of card stock that had colors on both sides. So, during nap time one day, I turned all that into this mobile. The pinwheels actually spin, which is the part that gives me the most pride…because I am a dork.

We added this shelving unit not too long ago, shortly after Liam's birthday. This one was a hard choice for me, because I loved how open and clean the room felt before and I was sure that putting something like this here would wreck that feeling - it totally doesn't. Still tons of open floor space for playing and all his fun toys are within reach. We bought the shelf that matches the bookshelf that was already in the nursery, and we may buy another piece before we head to Japan as we think they might come to live in our living room.

My lovingly handmade crib bumpers have a new life these days as teething guards. They get the job done, though it causes me so much sadness to see them abused this way. If only my little pregnant seamstress self had known how destructive kiddos actually are in real life. Sigh. The crib skirt is also totally hidden now that the mattress is down as low as it can go. Oh, the sadness.

Perchance there will be some other sweet baby to enjoy my sewing skills…and subsequently help destroy them further.

I also made this little hook system for Liam not that long ago. When Evelyn switched rooms, the shelf that I made for her went along with her, so this space was strangely empty. I didn't know how to style a self with a mason jar for Liam, and then this idea occurred to me. It cost like $10 to whip this guy up one day in the garage. I did it while I had stains and brushes and such out for the kitchen counters anyways, so it was a nifty side project.

It hangs right over Liam's fantastic little PB Kids Anywhere Chair. We love these dang things, and the kids do too. I also love coming up the stairs and having my little man sitting in this chair, reading a book as the very first thing I see.

I just love his little room, too. I have spent so much time in this room rocking and cuddling and changing and reading and playing with my sweet babies.

This afterthought of a room, may be the room I will miss the most of all.



Evelyn Rae is 2, Liam is 15 months

…and I may have just shed a little tear thinking about this room. Sniff.


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