Monday, June 2, 2014

Our Dreamy Bungalow {Evelyn's Room}

I still have a few rooms to show you from downstairs, and meant to complete those before moving upstairs, but alas, the photos are nowhere to be found on my computer - and I am currently mid-flight on my way to Atlanta (blogging from the sky! We are living in the future! Woo!).

So, I shall share the upstairs with y'all. Starting with Ev's Room.

Her room was at first the "master" bedroom (though all our bedrooms are roughly the same size because master suites didn't exist in 1927, y'all), and when we bought the house it looked like this:

…it was sort of a random storage/guest room/office? The Joes clearly needed a LOT of office space as there was also a huge desk with computer down in what is now our guest room as well.

In any case, I fell in absolute l-o-v-e with the windows in the front of the house. Three windows? Swoon. I could just picture myself waking up every day to sunshine coming in slowly through those beautiful windows, reading in front of them…ahhh. Perfection.

And for a while, this was our room for just that reason.

It had many configurations and a spinning wheel of furniture in it, but this is what it looked like last, right before Evelyn moved into it.

..and then, well and then this Momma went a little Pinterest/crafty/sewing crazy when it came time to make Evelyn a big girl room.

Her bed was made by my dad for my sister and I when we were little (there is a matching one stowed underneath her bed right now), the dressers were also in our room growing up, and used by my dad and aunt growing up before that. I fitted them with new antique handles from a shop right outside of our neighborhood.

I sewed the curtains and pillows, painted the carpet and made the fabric shades.

I made the "chandeliers" for her and sewed the poof ottoman - I definitely need to make Liam one of his own because it is a fan favorite.

A little girl's room, filled with all of her favorite things.

Ok, maybe filled with her favorite things, and my favorite things.

"She had a lively, playful disposition which delighted in anything ridiculous."
Pride and Prejudice

"I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my ship."
Little Women

I made the "window" for her kitchen from the old bathroom vanity door that we were discarding after renovating the bathroom. It was a quick project and pretty much free. My favorite kind.

My Norfolk print for my Norfolk girl.


Evelyn Rae is two and three quarters, Liam is alllllmost 16 months

…and I love her room. Love it.

*note - midair wifi is like the slowest thing ever so my pictures didn't upload in time. I am actually publishing this from the ground. Whomps.*

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