Thursday, December 11, 2014

Working on it.

I have some goals.

For example, to be caught up on finally posting all of Liam's monthly updates and photos…you know, the ones from over a year ago? …before this baby is born.

And you know, maybe before Christmas.

And to maybe get some bump photos or some sort of documentation of this pregnancy up before announcing that we have a new baby.

So…I'll just be quietly updating back posts over here. And maybe some new stuff. Maybe.

{Like the new background and header. That poor pregnant lady in yellow. She was just supposed to be temporary until I, you know, had my baby and wasn't pregnant anymore. Alas. Here she remains.}

If you subscribe or have a feedly thing set up, you should see the old posts as they go up, even though they are back dated. If not…just poke around a bit. Like today I posted his 9 month update. You know. A few months late. Just a few.

{{Insert embarrassed emoji here}}

And I started a new label, where you will find the first couple of posts I had saved in draft from finding out about G3. Click on the label on this post "III" and it should show them all. All two. From like, July.

Until next time, friends.

Evelyn Rae is three and almost a half, Liam is 22 months (!!!) old, and I am 26.5 weeks along with G3

…and that is almost out of the second trimester, kids. STFU.

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