Monday, January 10, 2011

Team Green

No, not as in we are going green (though we try and do that too...and we are going to cloth diaper! Woot! more posts to come on that later)...but, as in Team Green, as referred to on all the baby boards, etc in reference to those not finding out the sex of their baby until birth.


No joke - we are NOT finding out whether we will have a wee little lady or lad until the day that she or he arrives.

The reactions to this news has been....mixed. A and I always said that we didn't want to find out, even before we were seriously talking about having kiddos. We just think it is so fun this way. Most people thought that we would feel differently when we actually got pregnant - but, we don't.

Our parents and tons of older people are completely supportive of us waiting. They all did, and loved it. That, of course, does not include our doctors, midwives and nurses - who are totally supportive, but also shake their heads and say "We will see..."

Some people in our generation think it is fun, and others...well others have said, "How am I going to know what to buy it?"

We get it, this is not the choice made by most couples today. And believe me when I say that I have already designated myself as the weak one. I had a dream the other night about sneaking downstairs after A was asleep to watch our 20 week ultrasound DVD to see if I could tell for myself whether it was a boy or a girl. Ut oh. Me = weak one. Hubs= strong one.

The not finding out sort of grates on my Type A, 'Control Freak Courtney' side, but totally appeals to my "Why not? this will be" side. So, we go with that one. Let's be honest, it also appeals to my, let's-design-and-buy-things-for-a-beautiful-neutral-nursery-that-will-last-for-more-than-one-kiddo side.

We are not planning on sticking to greens and yellows in pre-buying for Baby G either. There are so many awesome things out there now (thanks Etsy!) that have bright colors in red and sky blues, in all sorts of an array of items.

Now, some will argue the whole side of beginning to identify with your baby sooner, being able to call them by name while still in utero, etc. And while I do believe that that is true for some people, and totally respect that opinion, I just don't think I would be able to keep from prescribing a personality for my baby before I actually meet my baby. My imagination runs crazy (why I don't watch horror movies), and I can't really keep it from doing so.

And then there is that whole I-learned-a-lot-about-identity-development-in-grad-school-aren't-I-sounding-pretentious-now-but-I-don't-want-the-sex-and-assumed-gender-of-my-baby-to-be-the-first-thing-I-identify-them-with thing. That point of view is a little too new age for my husband - he just thinks it will be fun to have that moment at delivery. ::shrug::

So there it is. We are Team Green for different reasons and proud of it.

15 weeks, 4 days along

...and I am so excited about all of the posts, comments, Facebook messages, and emails that I have been getting from old friends who are now reading this blog! Y'all make my day. Seriously.


  1. yay for waiting!! If anyone isn't supportive of you it is for selfish reasons.

    and you are so right. gender neutral clothes are fine. What is wrong with cream? and chocolate brown? and crazy paisleys?! You'll be fine!

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