Wednesday, January 19, 2011

16 weeks

I wrote this on Sunday, but then the heinous cold/sickness began, sooooo forgive me for just getting it up now. Good news for all you readers: 17 weeks is tomorrow, so new update to come soon!

Still gone, but I do still have a few moments that make my stomach churn...few and far between though and usually triggered by the sight of something gross, like most of the stuff A watches on Tosh.0.



Well, at my midwife appointment on Friday I officially hit a limit that I knew I was going to hit, and was sad I was going to hit, but I did. I still weigh less than my husband though, so that's cool. Also, the nurse told me I looked great and was totally normal even though I felt huge, and my blood pressure is low and awesome. Woot!

The shirt in this picture is actually a regular shirt from my collection...just stretched over the bump. Hopefully I can rustle up a photo for comparison...Anywho it is super nice that I am not hiding things anymore so some of my favorite pieces with some stretch can make it back into rotation.

Also, super secret awesome news - we went to the gym this week! Yay! I went walking like an old lady on the treadmill for 40 minutes while A killed himself per usual doing all sorts of things I could never do. In good news about my body image, I had to cobble together a workout outfit - Yoga pants I could roll down, new super large bra, two tank tops (maternity ones are so thin!), and a zipper hoodie hanging open - anywho, when I went over to the mirrored area to retrieve my husband and convince him to head to the fried chicken strip place already, I saw my reflection. 

And, I felt good about it. It was obvious that I was pregnant and not just fat, AND my legs and butt still looked good. Yay for feeling awesome and confident...and then eating fried chicken.

Nothing really yet, I still love Mexican food, but as A consistently reminds me - this is nothing new.

Mild lower abdominal pain once in a while, midwife said not to worry about it - probably just everything stretching and making room.

Mental State:
Pregnancy brain? check. 

Worrying that I won't get everything done before baby gets here? (but still managing to ignore most things?) check. 

Being a crazy organizer and doing things I probably shouldn't? (like rearranging my entire bedroom by myself because we needed a better arrangement for a Pack and Play {in 7 months}?) check.

Being slightly anxious about the no baby movement thing yet? check. 

Oy. CHILLAX Court. Seriously, I don't want you guys to think that I spend my time constantly freaking out, because I don't, but these things are all on my mind. On the positive side, I also find myself daydreaming about my nursery and nuzzling my baby and inhaling all those baby goodness smells.

Still here and kicking.

Nasal Issues
Stuffy, slight bloody noses, etc. Winter is awesome!

The Girls
Anyone who has been reading my blog knows how that is going.

Midwife Appointment Updates
Here is the big stuff.
  1. The midwife was awesome. It was my first appointment with a midwife rather than a doctor and I loved her. Our practice has 4 docs and 4 midwives and are in one word - awesome.
  2. Apparently I am on the wrong track for giving birth in the birthing center. Oy. There are two tracks at our practice, the hospital track and midwifery track. The hospital track is all well and good, and unless you are high risk, the midwives still totally take care of labor, etc. The birthing center track means you do it all through the midwifery and give birth in the birthing center. 
  3. I want to give birth in the birthing center because it has awesome private rooms and queen size beds and Jacuzzis. Rock on. Plus I have heard awesome things about it, etc. When I mentioned this to the midwife, she was surprised - I was not on the midwifery track.
  4. Lame.
  5. But, she got me on the track! They are actually booked for all of June, booo. But, she is making a case for me since I will probably give birth in July anyway.
  6. As soon as I started mentioning this, the midwife launched into how supportive they are about medication free birth. Ack! I am leaning that way of course, but with the limited space etc. I feel sort of like I just locked myself into an all natural birth without really talking it through, plus A wasn't at this appointment, so yeah. Alarming, big decisions, ack, I am a freak out queen.
  7. After reflecting, I feel totes better about all of this, and feel empowered that I have gone ahead and made the decision. 
  8. I have tons of things to do before labor, including a tour, a 6 week birthing class and a third trimester class. She explained that the classes are all great and are basically training for your marathon of birth, which made me feel amped and even more empowered.
  9. The we talked about fetal movement, I got to hear a heartbeat again, yay precious little reassuring sound, and she reassured me about feeling baby move. The midwife is due in March with her second baby and though she felt her first one move at 16 weeks, she didn't feel this one until 20. I felt better, thank you midwife.
  10. The next appointment is my 20 week one and the big ultrasound! We still aren't finding out, but we get a DVD of the whole thing. Awesome sauce!

16 weeks, 3 days along

...and I am really excited to finally start feeling prepared and ready for this baby!


  1. SOOOO excited for you to be on the midwife/birth center track! Also I think your point #7 is an important one that should be your new motto. Pregnancy (especially one where you are hoping and planning to go intervention-free) is alll about feeling empowered, believing in your bod (it was made for this!) and just relaxing and going with the flow. At least that is what I'm learning! The best thing you can do is learn lots and have a positive outlook. should find a doula. I have one (plus I hope so bad that Megan will be able to make it to town when I give birth so I would essentially have two) and it makes me feel so great to know that I'll have someone there that is trained in JUST helping me through this and being supportive and encouraging of me and Jim.

    Birth classes - we are taking the Bradley Birth method. Our teacher is really awkward but she is the only one if our town who teaches it. We are looking past that and really enjoying all the info! It's a 12 week class and so far I recommend the program. Jim really likes it because it focuses a lot on teaching him how to help me which I think is important for the hubby to feel important and connected too. They have some awesome statistic somewhere that says something about Bradley moms having a rate of over 80% having intervention free births. Yes please!

  2. (Also your 6 week birth center class may be very similar to this, I would just hope for you guys that it's inclusive of dads-to-be. So you may not need a separate class! The hospitals in our town just teach a one session lamaze class which apparently stinks so my only intensive preparing option was Bradley).

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