Saturday, January 22, 2011

17 weeks

This week, we had a dining out for the hubby's ship, so I thought it would be fun to take this weekly shot in my formal attire. Thanks to my lady friends who convinced me to get something from the normal dress area in a stretchy fabric rather than going the maternity formal dress route - I may actually get to wear it again!

Same as last week.


Better and better...if this winter dryness would go away, mayhap I could aspire to dew-y and glow-y.

Same-o, Same-o. As I was sick this week, I spent a lot of time in pajamas, so I didn't really worry about clothes, etc. 

I have noticed a shortness of breath, which I thought was maybe being caused by all this extra weight my body isn't used to carrying around, but apparently it is because my diaphragm can't open all the way. Combo that with the already can't breathe sickness and coughing, and you have a recipe for feeling pretty darn awesome when climbing stairs. Ha.

Also, I think that my stomach is being affected by all the internal organ movement as well. I seem to be ravenous but then can't even eat as much as I did before being knocked up. Strangeness this pregnancy thing.

This week I really craved food from my childhood. Not really sure if it was the sickness and not being able to be comforted by medicine... so I was turning to food for comfort? Or, I may have been actually craving it. 

Weirdest thing so far: the sandwich I called "Hard Cheese, Lettuce and Mayonnaise" when I was a kid. (White bread, cheddar cheese sliced off the block, lettuce and mayo) I sort of made it up one time, and then loved it. The weird part is, I haven't had it in years, nor have I craved or even wanted white bread in years. Strange.

I had three HCLM sandwiches this week.

Still sort of random and there, both abdominally and all over, usually from trying to move too fast from a stagnant position while sleeping. A friend just loaned me her Snoogle today, so hopefully that will help!

Speaking of which:
Getting uncomfortable. Starting to be resentful that A and the dog take up room in the bed and sleep in more than 40 minute stretches without waking up. Jealous.

Mental State
This week, even though I have been sick and not able to take medicine because I am pregnant, I have also started to really enjoy being pregnant. I like the way I look in the mirror, I have more energy and am embracing how freaking amazing my body is to be able to grow another human in it. How cool.

Plus, can I just say how cool it is to hear from all sorts of people thanks to this little blog?! It is making me enjoy being pregnant even more. Seriously, y'all make my day with comments, fb messages, etc. I am trying to write everyone back and welcome and love all advice - I promise that I take everything with a grain of salt <3 

Seriously ridiculous when I try to sleep at night. Have started trying to create ramp like pillow device to keep myself propped up and stomach acid down where it should be.

Nasal Issues
Same, ready for spring time to come. I have been walking around a whole lot trying to keep things clear, which is harder when you have a job where you sit at a desk all day, but I am willing to jump on that hand grenade.

The Girls
Good, starting to wear sleeping bras or sports bras...whatever is try to keep things from going all "National Geographic" to quote my husband.


Fetal Movement
I am not quite sure, but I think I am feeling something. 

To be super honest - digestive issues have abounded nicely since this whole journey began, so it is a little hard to tell what is par for the course in this "rare and wonderful new world of indigestion" (10 points if you can name that movie!)

BUT, I felt something different the other day on my way home from work. Two little somethings. 
I was driving on the highway, so it probably wasn't the best time, but I tried poking and prodding to make it happen again, talking to the baby, the whole nine yards. 

Alas, I haven't felt exactly that same feeling we will see.

17 weeks, 2 days pregnant

...and I am having a pretty great time with this whole pregnancy thing.


  1. The first time I felt Blair, I was in the car. I was 15 weeks which is super early to feel anything but after the first movement it took a while to feel anything on a consistent basis, but it was amazing when I did feel her move around! That is the one thing that I really loved while being pregnant!

  2. Can I just say you are super hot and if you weren't already pregnant your hubby would be trying to put a baby up in you grrrrl! Also bump envy continues. : )

    I want to wear a fancy outfit and go somewhere with my hubby now. I'm over bulky winter clothes.

  3. You look HOT in that dress girl!! LOVE IT!

  4. 1. You looked GORGEOUS the other night.
    2. I miss you and we need to have some girl time.
    3. You need to connect your facebook account to Etsy so your friends can know what you want.
    4. Does Baby Gage coming mean that Bingley isn't going to get a puppy to love?
    4. Maybe our girl time can involve puppy play time.
    5. Apparently I can't count.

    Love ya!! =)

  5. First off, the "Nat Geo" comment made me laugh hysterically. And secondly, the movie is Sound of Music. Count that for 10 pts -- to the broseph!

    Love ya sis!

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