Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cute Stuff Part 2

I have some of the loveliest coworkers.

As I have mentioned before, my officemate and I are both preggo. Our fellow coworker brought us these the other day, with a little poem that she wrote!

What a blessing it is to receive such joy,
in the form of a girl or in the form of a boy.
Purple's a symbol for a sweet little girl
with a little ponytail and cute little curl.
Blue's a symbol for a handsome boy
with a cute little hat and train for a toy.
So take these flowers and cherish them too
as we await for "purple" or "blue."

18 weeks along

...and sometimes people are just the sweetest things.

p.s. Baby Gage is ROCKING and ROLLING in there now. He or she either really likes or really dislikes Mexican food. Let's be honest, it is my child, so they probably love it just like mama.


  1. That is totally precious of your coworker!!! : ) Also YAY for jumping fetus'! It's really fun. Mine is getting so strong now that sometimes he will startle me! Jim is able to feel him now if I grab his hand and push it against my belly and sometimes we can see my stomach moving. Good times!

  2. What a cute poem!! I LOVE it! and how exciting that you're experiencing SO much movement now!