Thursday, June 30, 2011

DD Day!

As in Due Date Day!

For future reference Delivery Day will be assigned the moniker "D-Day" and if it does indeed happen on the 4th, you can expect a photo like this...or five.

How appropriate for a Navy wife.

Anywho, today is DD DAY! The day we have been counting down to since the beginning, and the day that nothing is likely to happen, other than me saying, "yay! It's Due Date Day!"

For you today I have some assorted photos and thoughts. 

My puppy has been extra sleepy and snuggly in the morning thanks to Daddy still being in bed with us every morning this week. I super love quiet time in the morning when I first wake up and both my boys are in bed with me snoozing away. Sitting there with a baby kicking in my belly, waking up slowly and seeing them so peaceful...those are truly contented moments.

That I then ruin by trying to take a photo of the dog...and waking him up. Whatevs, I couldn't resist.

I made the lemon cupcakes last night. So far, no progression on the labor front, but they are DELISH. I highly recommend them to anyone. Bings even liked the one that he got because it fell on the floor.

BONUS: Student Loan bill featured in the back of this photo. Gotta love that. I am SUCH a great photographer. Pssh.

This is the new view in my rear view window. Can you see that people? THAT IS A CAR SEAT! and one of those mirror things so that I can SEE the baby. So.crazy.

Also, I know the handle is supposed to go down, but it hits the back of my seat when down at the moment because I am sitting farther away from the wheel than normal. Hmm, wonder why? Oh, right. Giant belly.

And then there was one. My last paper link. Well, technically there are a whole lot more, because my office mate's due date isn't until July 26th. Hopefully, I won't be around much longer to see the rest of the links being torn off...but we will see.

By won't be around much longer I clearly mean here in the office. That sort of sounded like I had a death wish or something. I promise I am not suicidal. Love, Me. Um, awkward. Let's move on.

TODAY, I have my 40 week appt and first (and hopefully last) non-stress test.

And, A gets to go with me. Because this week is awesome.

That's all for now I guess.

If anything big happens...I will let you know.

40 weeks along

...and I can't believe how fast it went!

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