Monday, June 27, 2011

Burning Questions and Answered Prayers

Mental state of an almost 40 weeks pregnant woman...

Burning Questions:
  • Will I be able to go see fireworks this year on the 4th? Or will I be cuddling with a baby...cursing people setting off fireworks in the neighborhood and waking said baby up? :)
  • When is this baby going to come?!?
  • Will my thighs ever not rub again?
  • Liam or Evelyn?
  • Is this Mederma Stretch Mark stuff really going to work?
  • How big are my boobs really going to get with nursing?
  • Will baby and I catch on to nursing?
  • Where can I find the scalloped edge mirror for purchase that I have created in my mind? It's the.last.thing.I.need.for.the.nursery.
  • What will my first celebratory drink post baby be?
  • Where is my iPod? I need it for my push mix and can't find it anywhere...
  • Are the dog and the baby going to get along?
  • Should I be sleeping even more than I am right now? Just to stock up?
  • When is this baby going to come?!?

Answered Prayers:

Yesterday, as I was walking out of Wal-mart (as a last ditch effort to find a scalloped edged mirror), I had an answered prayer from God.

That prayer went, "Dear God, please do not let my birth story start 'I noticed the beginning of labor while in Wal-mart...'"

Thanks God. I appreciate it.

39 weeks, 4 days along

...and I am so excited to find out when this baby is going to come!


  1. What about checking at Garden Ridge for your mirror? They always have tons of mirrors there and it wouldn't take too long to run over after work some day this week.

  2. What size/shape mirror are you looking for? I can ask around. :)