Friday, June 17, 2011

Booo./Updates on Baby Gear

I fail at life. I was so excited to upload my 37 AND 38 week pictures today...and I totally thought the camera cord was somewhere that it wasn't.

So, boo for another post with no photos. BUT, I do think I am going to send a happy little gift after all to the winner of the Birth Pool. So get on it peeps! Mayhap a Target gift card or some other fun thing.

Instead, I will update you all on the exciting world of baby gear as it pertains to this household.

"They" say that baby gear takes over your house. Ha. Understatement of the century.

Disclaimer: this photo was taken quite a while ago - 
I promise the nursery has come a long way since then.

It's not so much the baby gear itself as the displaced other things to make room for baby gear. Our room now has, in addition to the existing furniture, a co-sleeper and an ugly Barcalounger that I never wanted in the first place. Now I get to wake up to it every morning! Wee!

See that ugly blue chair? It has been replaced by my adorable glider...
and the chair is now in my bedroom. Boo.

But, the REST of the baby gear is exciting and cute, totally not gonna lie on that one. We are still finagling everything into place for the nursery - procrastination at its best folks! Even my crazy nesting instincts are no match for a lifetime of practice at procrastinating.

There are a few things though that are still making their way to our house though. After the shower and a few purchases myself I decided to strategize the cheapest way to get all the rest of my stuff for the cheapest price possible. (I love pretending to be organized and making all sorts of lists and excel spreadsheets. Formulas are my fave.)

In came an excel spreadsheet with all my items remaining, the actual cost, what coupons I could use for it, etc, etc, etc. Turns out, thanks to Babies 'R Us restrictive and ridiculous coupon policies, that most things I can just get cheaper on Amazon anyway. And, Amazon Mom = free shipping. Wee!

There are a very FEW things that I can waltz into BRU, coupons in hand and get for cheaper than on amazon.  So, generally I don't.

(Sidenote: Buy Buy Baby - PLEASE come to Hampton Roads. all the Moms and Dads here suffer under the monopoly tyrant known as BRU that doesn't even have the full selection that a largely populated area deserves! Seriously, I went in looking for something that is "sold in stores" and the woman said to me "Oh, that's just in the big stores, not like ours here. Just order it online!" "But your coupons don't work online and this s for 20% off said item." "Oh. You could go to MD for the day though!" Grrrr.

AND our Tragets totally all just downsized their baby stuff to make room for a tiny little grocery area. Dear Target, go Greatland or Super or go home. In between does not work for me. kthanks.)

Anywho, all this is to say Thank Goodness for Amazon and the internet! I used the Subscribe and Save feature to get some diaper wipes to my house for a low low price the other day too, which is super exciting. And they will keep coming every month like clockwork for that same price. You can cancel (and renew!) at anytime - you guys should totally try it out. 30% off. Yay!

In the next few days we should be expecting no less than 17ish items of more baby gear arriving at our home. I can't wait to be on a first name basis with the UPS man!

38 weeks, 1 day along

...and I get my cervix measured in like 3 hours. And A comes home today - think good thoughts about progress!

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  1. yay!! amazon mom is the slam! nature babycare diapers (the biodegradable disposables) are on a dollar or two more than huggies, etc. there. that leaves non cloth diaperers no excuse to use chemical diapers!