Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Yesterday I wrote about some changes in the budget at our household, and today I bring two more very.serious sacrifices that I will be making for Baby G.

(clue: anytime I link 2 words with a period, that equals sarcasm.)

Sacrifice #1: My Body

Now some people are very serious about this being an actual sacrifice, and I get it, I do. There is a totally vain part of me that is so damn mad I got stretch marks and that my thighs now touch and that my arms are chunkier than they used to be. Lame. I know.

But you know what is not lame? Growing a human being inside of you! That is pretty darn awesome. Then using that same body to sustain your baby = even awesomer.

That being said, I would still like to get back in shape post baby exiting my body. Mainly because I want to be healthy and fit back into all my cute clothes, but a small part because approximately 12 weeks post delivery this girl is getting married:

My about to be official sister-in-law and I at my wedding.

AND I will be a bridesmaid. With some of the same ladies from these other weddings...

This is actually all of us! Same ladies, different bride. <3 

In any case, the reason for this photo show is that I have pretty friends. (It's true, don't hate.) And, when it comes to the wedding this Fall, I would like to feel just as pretty as the rest of them. (It's true, I am vain, and woman enough to admit it.) Plus, these photos will forever be on display in places that I frequent because the bride is my SIL! I certainly don't want to be hanging out in my in laws house for Christmas staring at a picture of me on the wall that I hate with a fire burning deep inside. It's just the truth.

Mission Get Courtney's Body Back will start as soon as the doctors clear me for exercise. Now, I know me, so please do.not.worry that I am going to be too overzealous here. I am way too lazy to get into the addicted to working out mode. BUT, I would like to make a good effort. With that in mind, I have asked for a treadmill for the house for my birthday! Yay!

I even took a look around Craigslist yesterday to see if there were any good ones listed on the cheap in our area. This one sounded perfect.

Treadmill for Trade

"I have an older model treadmill that works well, but has been sitting unused for several years. I am looking to trade it for something useful. I'm looking for a new(ish) climbing tree stand for this bow season, but I'm open to other trades if you have something worthwhile. "

Bahahah, now where did that climbing tree stand I got for Christmas last year get to?

Sacrifice #2: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

Oh? You don't think HP is cool? Please watch this and THEN tell me that.

Here's the thing. I LOVE HP. After discovering it in high school, I pre-ordered and bought all the books at midnight after the 3rd one (or had them shipped to my house early. you know, as you do.). AND I have seen all of the movies when they came out. Like, the day they came out if not at midnight.

Originally our wedding date was July 17th instead of June 12th (thanks Navy for that switcheroo) and a group viewing of HP6 was actually a part of our schedule of wedding events. Seriously. My friends love it too. 

You think we are weird? You can kick it to the curb. Read these books. They are great. That is all.

Release date for the LAST HP MOVIE EVAH? July 15th. What?! That is probably within the two week time frame where I am supposed to be doing nothing except resting, sleeping and breastfeeding Baby G.

Waaaaaaaah. I definitely am not going to see this thing at midnight, I am realistic about that. But....I am wondering if I can still make it out to see it on Day 1? Many people think that I just won't care, but I am still sad. So is husband since he loves HP too.

They say being a parent is all about sacrifices right?

36 weeks, 6 days pregnant

...and I really am a well adjusted person, I swear.


  1. yes! go see Harry Potter! Just keep Baby G on your breast the whole time!

    AND you will lose about 20 pounds with the baby. That feels nice. Wait to step on the scale until 2 weeks postpartum though. Promise me this. It takes awhile for all of the fluid to leave you. And belly bands really work if you wear them for the full 6 weeks.

  2. Courtney, I remember thinking that having a baby was sacrificing my body and worried about getting back in shape. Let me reassure u that if you breastfeed the pounds will literally melt away. After one year of nursing I weigh less then when I became pregnant. During the last year i did not exercise and i didnt closely watch what i ate. I know you feel really large now, i was the same way. I even got ride of my smaller clothes because i was sure i would never be skinny again, mistake. I promise having a baby doesn't have to be sacrificing your body. Be patient with getting your body back. It really does take about a year, at least for me it did, to get my stomach back to normal. When i was nursing if i didn't eat enough to eat my body would definitely let me know because i would begin to feel shaky. Without a doubt i ate more while nursing then when pregnant and still lost the weight.