Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cute Kids

As part of my nursery design project, I had this BRILLIANT idea to hang a photo each of A and I as babies in the room. That way we can continually compare if Baby G looks like either of us.

Ok, that wasn't really the reason, but we shall see if it serves that purpose as well.

Really, I thought it was just a cute idea. And I loved seeing pictures of my parents as babies when I was a kiddo. So Baby G will too, naturally.

So my parents sent me a bevy of digital files of me as a baby! Don't you want to see them? You do? Good. Because that is what is included in this post.

**Warning, I was a fat baby. My parents called me "Buddha Baby". I was the biggest baby in the hospital for like 3 days. My poor little 5'2" momma. **

Apparently this used to be my "reading" space. 

Ok so this last one isn't so much a baby shot. But, that is my "buddy" from back when, Sarah. Her mom and my mom still keep in touch, and not even kidding, Sarah and her husband JUST had her first baby like days ago. So our moms are becoming grandmoms together after all this time. So funny how life works out!

A's photos are all hard copy, soooo....I will share them later? maybe?

39 weeks, 6 days along

...and this post exists because I am feeling totally restless and excited and cannot concentrate on mah life.

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