Thursday, June 9, 2011

Full term!

Today, Baby G and I are at 37 weeks, which is officially FULL TERM! Woo!

I am so.freaking.excited y'all.

No seriously, I have always been excited to meet this baby, but now even more so. I didn't even know that today was a big marker in my head until...well, today. This baby can come at any time! I am going to be a mom with a baby all unattached and stuff in approximately 3 weeks! Craziness.

I am torn with sadness that this pregnancy is coming to an end for sure, but then I turn around and think, who the heck cares?! I get to meet my baby! Even through all the nausea in the beginning, the lack of sleep, the fact that this baby has recently been trying to bust through my skin aliens-style, everything, I really have enjoyed being pregnant. Such an amazing experience. (Plus when else is your belly so big, but still so firm?)

Updates after my appointment today, but first let me share my most favorite video of all time with you all to convey this sort of emotion.

37 weeks along

...and my husband and I quote that commercial to each other all.the.time.

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