Friday, June 24, 2011

39 Weeks

**This could be my last officially weekly post! Of course now that I have written won't be. But, the possibilities! Ack!**

How much further can it go?? I am so surprised that the skin that use to be my inner belly button does not have stretch marks, as it seems to be the thinnest for sure of all the skin on mah body. It's pretty crazy just to feel it. 

Staying the same baby! Not a pound gained (or lost) since last week. Phew.
Sidenot: the clothes I am wearing int his week's photo are still pre-preggo clothes. Yeah, I dunno what Martin + Osa was thinking about that top either for non preggos (but it clearly looked cute enough on the model for me to try it out) but maybe that's why they aren't around anymore?

And thanks again Ann Taylor for those pants. I love them, love them, love them. Size 6. With a belly band. Unzipped. All the way.

Chomping on ice. Reminding myself to eat. Trying to be healthy when I do. Though I enjoyed a delicious .49 ice cream cone from McDonald's earlier today with my office mate. 

Wowza. This baby is chillin low. That equals some serious pressure going on down there. It's good though, because it makes me feel like I am making progress. And, bonus of baby moving down? I CAN BREATHE AGAIN! I climbed the stairs today without getting out of breath! Yay!

Lightly. Still. And hotly. I am a sweaty mess in the night. I hear there is more of that to come post delivery. Yay!

Mental State
Great! I am so.excited. about wrapping up all the "projects" (nursery reveal SOON folks!). 

Though I will admit that when i woke up this morning to the sight of the cosleeper (with my cell phone, water bottle and zantac currently sleeping in it instead of a baby) I had a vision of a baby there and went "Holy Crap!" 

They are actually going to let me after all this. And care for it! For life! Clearly they don't know what a good front I put up about being on top of things...

Luckily that thought only lasted for a second. I have a feeling it will come again though...probably as we are loading baby into a car. Or when I get to hold them for the first time and go "Wow. I totally just had a baby."

Gross. The one thing I will be really glad to get rid of post pregnancy.

The Girls
Doing just fine. We are on the hunt for some good nursing bras. Recommendations are welcome. 

Fetal Movement
Lower and lower. There is definitely less room in there for serious baby movements, so it is mostly rolling from side to side. Slanty bellies are awesome! Pointy, shark fin shaped ones, even better. Both are daily occurrences these days. 

Puffy feet. They still look normal int he morning thank goodness, or I wouldn't remember what my real feet even looked like! Again the midwives say not to sweat it. So, I don't. Except when I catch sight of my graceful cankles in store window fronts or mirrors...or any other reflective surface. 

Appointment Updates
Met with Blair yesterday, and she said my cervix is almost completely effaced! Still only dilated a bit, but to quote her, "That cap will pop right open with a few good contractions!" Squee!

Also, I am now officially in "the bell curve". Most babies are born between 39 and 41 weeks. Therefore these next two weeks are the BEST chances for me going into labor. 

Let's get it rollin' Baby G! I know your daddy wants you to stay put until after the 4th because he has a big work shindig and all, but this is your chance to be mommy's favorite! You know, the one who has nurtured, nourished and housed you this whole time. Just saying.

Weird Stuff
My officemate and I went out to lunch together today, and can I just tell you what ridiculous stares TWO pregnant women get when they are together? Especially when they are wearing matching t-shirts from a work event?



In other news, the "Aren't you afraid??" girl from work asked me AGAIN today if I was sure I wasn't scared. In front of students. 18 year old boy students. Super appropriate. 

And I happily answered that I was so.excited that I couldn't even stand it.

She thinks I am crazy. I think I am awesome. Probably a bit delusional, but awesome.

One for fun - look there is space between my boobs and belly again!

39 weeks, 1 day along

...and as soon as the Navy let's my husband come home and get some rest, so he can do some manual labor for me...I will reveal the nursery!


  1. aw you look beautiful & I'm so very excited for you guys to be meeting this cutie in a matter of days!

    There are so many different nursing bras but I lived in Target tanks & nursing bras. The tanks were fabulous to wear---super comfy & prevented me from showing off my belly while I got the hang of nursing. I liked that I could wear them around the house, to bed & under shirts/sweaters etc. good luck! :)

  2. yay!!! i can't remember if I old you this before but effacement is a better indicator that labor is on its way than dilation. Just saying... ;)