Monday, May 16, 2011

33 weeks

I was saving this to be my shower dress and now plan on wearing it at every given opportunity until I give birth. I wore this to work with the jean jacket and some of my favorite wedges, rather than the cardigan and borrowed wedges from my sister I wore to the shower. Love that it works both ways.

Still oiling and lotioning. Sis you know lotioning is not a word according to Google Chrome spellcheck? Meh. I do what I want. 

Continually growing. Starting to feel...huge for lack of a better word. Everyone is very nice and reassuring about my appearance - don't get me wrong, I love looking pregnant, it is super duper fun - but I do have the right to feel huge when it takes more effort than most workouts I did in the past just to haul myself out of bed in the morning. 

Also, according to What to Expect, I am officially at my maximum amount of amniotic fluid. Weird, right? What this means is as baby grows there will be less cushioning for all of baby's little movements...which may start feeling like violent outbursts.

Still like love chewing ice, so much so that I have started to get annoyed with servers who refill my glass so quickly. I am a weirdo, I know. Slightly worried about my tooth health with all this chomping.

I have noticed my sweet tooth increasing as of late, but that could just be the fact that the house was inundated with strawberry shortcake, graduation cake and baby shower cupcakes and cake over the last week. Gah! Get it out of here before I really tell myself that cake for breakfast is just fine.

None lately. Yay body! 

Pretty good lately. Once I find myself in a good position I am generally set. It takes a lot of effort to turn over and roll around so I generally sleep on my left side all night long and don't move. I have had to get up to pee in the middle of the night twice this week though. So that makes like a grand total of 4 times this whole pregnancy. Bladder of Steel for the win.

Mental State
Great. We have accomplished so much, though the check listing has definitely started. The nursery is painted, I have some pillows sewn. Peek at them coming later, btw. There is an expensive car seat chilling in our living room. Charlie's Soap is being delivered today to wash the bambinos clothes and dipes in. You know, we are working it. 

This weekend was so helpful in the mental state because A and I had no.plans. Also we were all.alone. (My phone died halfway through Saturday and I consciously decided not to turn it back on). This combination doesn't happen very often and it was a nice little staycation for the both of us. We ran some errands, slept in, got a bunch of stuff done and generally just enjoyed hanging out with each other.

All of my friends who have had heartburn because of gestating have assured me that it will go away the second that the baby exits my body. This is the only thought that makes me feel better when trying to sleep sitting up at night. If it's not true, don't tell me. I beg you.

The Girls
Just fine. Still not leaking any colostrum. Is it weirder that I want them to or that they aren't? I dunno. I don't really want them to start leaking, I guess, but it would help me be assured that everything is going alright for the breastfeeding track too.

Fetal Movement
My belly moves all the time and is slanty sometimes because of where Baby G is chillin. I find this hilarious, though others are sometimes weirded out. Meh. I think we are still head down, which is awesome sauce. Stay there baby, stay there.

It is starting to get warmer and with that I have noticed some increase in swelling. Slight swelling, but swelling nonetheless. I am still wearing my wedding rings though, which are size 5.5 thankyouverymuch, so like i said, minimal swelling.

Weird Stuff
I had a weird conversation with a new coworker this week. It went something like this...(keep in mind that I have never really had a conversation with this woman before this one ans she does not have children of her own yet.)

Coworker: "Wow, you are really getting big! When are you due?"
Me: "June 30th, so coming up!"
Coworker: "Wow, that is soon. Are you afraid?"
Me: "Excuse me?"
Coworker: "Aren't you scared of giving birth? All that pain?"
Me: "Uh, actually no, not really. I am planning on doing natural childbirth, so I am not really letting fear into my mind or heart so that I can hopefully be confident and successful. After all, our bodies were meant to do this, and women have been giving birth since the beginning of human history, so... And, you know, I really want to be confident so that I can continue being that way with our future children's births, should we be blessed enough to have more."
Coworker (with raised eyebrows): "Oh, well, it is supposed to be awful, but good for you, I guess. Are you really planning on more than one already though? Shouldn't you, you know, have the one first and see how it is before making that decision???"
Me: "Well, my husband and I know that we want more than one child, and if for some reason we couldn't have another ourselves, we would probably look at adoption or something else. We aren't really an only child kind of family."
Coworker: "Well then, you seem to have thought a lot about this."
Me: "Yup, well, have a good day!"

I mean. What? Who has that conversation with someone that they don't even know? I just thought it was weird. So here it is for posterity's sake. Haters be hatin' and all. 

And now for some more happy photos.

The puppy always wants to be in the shots.

33 weeks, 4 days along

...and I really, really love that dress. And ASOS in general, which is where I got it. They have a non maternity version if you love it too <3 

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  1. courtney. natural childbirth is awesome when you are prepared for it. some people just don't know. I would bargain that 90% of people who have done it both ways would choose natural over and over again. They way you feel afterwards and your recovery is just hands down better. You are making a great choice for your family and I know you can do it. don't let anyone into your bubble of peace.