Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Maternity Photos, 3D

No, they aren't really 3D. But, I already did two posts on this, and I am obsessed with all those VH1 "I love the..." shows. So, I think it's cool to copy them.

But, really, I seriously love those shows. I can get sucked into a marathon of them faster than any other thing in the world. It was the goal of my bff Corey and I to be famous enough to be commentators by the time they did the "I love the 2000's" but they got an early jump on us. Lame.

Moving on.

I got the disc with my maternity photos courtesy of friend Dr. Lisa and Amanda Hedgepeth this weekend!

We really wanted these shots to be all about Norfolk, a place that is truly home in our hearts. We went to college here, loved and laughed a lot here, bought our little bungalow of love here and spent our first almost two years of marriage here. Besides, this is our little Norfolk baby! Who knows where we will be when having our next kiddos (I know, I know, let's get through one first, eh?)

When Baby G gets a little older (and you know, out of my uterus) we would love to continue the tradition as I really want some family shots walking down Colley Ave. But, that is for the future.

Here comes gratuitous shots of A, Baby G and I with as little commentary as I can restrict myself to. Please excuse this show of vanity and ego by showing them off in the first place. But they were, after all a gift - so it would be rude NOT to share, right? ;)

**One of my faves, contender for our hallway gallery**

It was really sunny and windy and I wish I had opened my eyes more! Gah. 

I also lurve this one.

That one little chunk of hair! Gah. 
I love this one and sometimes think that the little imperfection of the hair makes it even better and sort of mysterious and then sometimes think, gah, I wish the wind had shifted in just that instant. Thoughts?

He is totally making fun of me here. He never stands like that.

Love as well, though I look like a whale.

Current FB Profile Pic. 
Man, we sure are good at pretending we like each other! 

Never thought I would do bare belly shots, or put them out there for the world, but here are a few!

Costume Change!

Why do I like the headless shots so much?

Trying, unsuccessfully, to get my hair to not be totally blown out in the wind

Is it just me, or does this look like a Ray-Ban Ad?

I am so thrilled that we had these done! Hopefully they will actually make it into some sort of book someday...unlike our wedding photos and album which have yet to be completed. Whoops.

32 weeks, 6 days along

...and can we just talk for a second about this all Navy preciousness that Amanda recently shot? I want a shot like this when Baby G arrives. {hear that Amanda? ;) } Too adorable.

Like her on the book of faces to see more!


  1. Lots of lovely images!!! Also I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has made a baby before making a wedding album! Our wedding was in 2008 and I still haven't jumped on that...hangs over my head, ugh! Such a daunting tast though.

    As far as your images, I would do a few of your favorites all in black and white for consistency and group them together on the wall. This is your first of what you hope/plan to be many pregnancies so I would guard against going nuts with tons of images or giant images....because once that baby arrives you will have a new face to take up your wall real estate! Plus you would be setting a precedent that might be hard to full fill with your future pregnancies. Or maybe not, who knows! Being a photographer I get image over kill on a daily basis so I tend to not like a lot of pictures of myself all over the place. I just made up for weeks of not commenting on your blog with one rambling post. Your welcome!

  2. love all of the pictures. You guys are going to be such great parents. Miss you guys.