Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Fashion

Granted, these photos are from last Friday, but.whatevs.

Here is another non-maternity dress made into one. And glorious photos from the bathroom at work. I can't believe that I didn't think of trying this dress with the bump sooner.

My eyes are actually open...they are just looking at the camera. 
Pay no mind.

I picked up this dress from Land's End Canvas last year...and it totally used to look like this on me.

Ok, ok, it looked like this.

Ack! It's true! I used to have a waist!

Then v. Now

In any case, the moral of the story is:
a. You look way better in natural light than in a bathroom. Wow.
b. I hate mirror pictures. My part is totally on the wrong side.
c. Hitch the waist up on those pre-pregnancy dresses, cover any awkwardness with a belt and roll with it.

34 weeks, 1 day along

...and today is my last prenatal appointment before they start checking my cervix. WHAT?! Craziness.

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