Tuesday, May 24, 2011



I literally just realized that we have plans almost every day between now and Baby's arrival because I finally put it all together in one place.

When did all of this happen? Oh, that's right - we like to have fun with our friends annnnd we both have full time, full of commitment jobs. Bahaha. As an exercise in overbooking yourself, and being able to laugh about it...

Take a gander.

LOL. This is our life folks. PRE-Kiddos.

So anyway, to expand on my little "Key" up there, the green shows work commitments for one or both of us that are late night, overnight or completely out of town - which is definitely in the majority here.

We have guests coming to stay for a few weekends, which we LOVE.

The pinkish color are Social Events we have already committed ourselves to, and this schedule is why we haven't responded to some friends yet about other invites. Sorry friends! So the pinks may be getting heavier here shortly. Again, we love seeing friends. So hard to say no.

Yellow are appointments of any type. Baby, me, outside vendors, etc. again, may be increasing shortly.

The turquoise are work commitments that we are hoping to get out of because - hello! - I will be 39 weeks along.

The 8th and the 25th. Those are our days I guess.

But on the 8th we both technically still have to work normal days. ANNND, I totally just remembered while typing this that I have to attend a meeting that night for one of my volunteer commitments, but I am too lazy to go back and change the image.

Sooo. Yup. That's our life! You just have to laugh, don't you?

I know that our life is not necessarily crazier than anyone else's out there, but when I originally thought about what life would look like at the 9th month of pregnancy it seemed like a whole lot of taking it easy, folding baby clothes, you know, those soft shimmery images of impending motherhood.

Oh, the dreams we once had.

34 weeks and 5 day along

...and this schedule does not include baby projects, exercising or any other errand running time. I need a momAgenda now.

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