Wednesday, May 4, 2011

30 weeks

**Not gonna lie, I am doing this post from memory as I was totally too disorganized to write this in Texas.**

Feeling pretty good. The stretch marks are staying away for the most part and I don't feel so burst-y anymore (yup, that's a word). My belly button continues to rise toward the surface. We shall see if I actually get a "turkey's done" pop out.

I like summer because I like my summer clothes. I ordered some new pieces for our maternity photo shoot, and now I am KICKING MYSELF for not ordering Gap Maternity Jeans earlier. They are A-mazing. 

Love them, love that they feel like real jeans and love that they fit me awesomely. Also, the belly band on them is so soft and silky. Move on down the line Liz Lange for Target. I will splurge on some things from Gap from now on. 

Also, I did measure for a friend this week ::cough cough andria from illinois this means you cough cough:: and my circumference is 41.5 inches at the most sticky out part of my belly. YIKES. I will be sure to measure again in two weeks or so and see what we are working with on that growth.

Doing ok. Weird thing about pregnancy? I totally did not eat eggs before getting pregnant. Like here and there, they were ok to me so long as they had something mixed in. I still don't eat them plain or over easy, but they are on way heavier rotation than they used to be. Most preggos go the other way with eggs, but I guess I am just super weird.

Good  for the most part. you know aches and pains randomly here and there, but all par for the course. 

Been ok lately. Yay!

Mental State
Pretty great regarding baby - a little crazy regarding upcoming Texas trip. Packing, wrapping up work projects and hoping my husband will make it to the party too (Oh, Navy). All stressful, but good. 

I am also thinking that third trimester sleepiness may be catching up with me. Stay away! I need energy for the next two weeks! My trip and then my parents are visiting. Energy = necessary.


Nasal Issues
Doing ok except when I, you know, sit in a pile of pollen. Good job Court. I was reupholstering my patio chairs the other day - you know, because that is important, and I was 

The Girls
Are there, and itchy. Growing again? Please no.

Fetal Movement
Weirdest thing, I can feel where the baby is. Baby G has gotten to a size where I can sort of determine how he or she is laying in there. I can feel a little butt sweep across my belly from time to time.



Weird Stuff
This week is crazy with preparation for the trip. That is all.

Also, I love summer berries. That isn't really weird though. Is it?

31 weeks, 6 days along

...and a few more maternity photos are available to be seen here. When I get the disc I will be sure to share more of my faves.

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  1. I still stalk your blog, sorry I've been bad at commenting lately! But you look so super fab, I love those jeans. I've got a week left and have decided to shun jeans this last week...dresses, skirts and leggings it is!

    You measured your circumference for are awesome. I am at about 45ish inches currently. WHOA! It's fun though. : )