Friday, May 13, 2011

{Accelerated Nursery} The Fabrics

I have been carrying around these fabric swatches (and actually working on nursery projects, ha!) for sometime now, but I finally just managed to snap a day light photo or two yesterday. So, here they are - the actual fabrics for Baby G's nursery.

The curtain is the large piece of embroidered fabric underneath the rest.

These fabrics will be used in the bumpers, crib skirt, pillows, and well, anything else I can think of to use them in. Perchance photo frames or embroidery hoops. Have a great weekend! 

**Side note: My post from yesterday is still not back up Blogger. Grr. I have it saved in my Google Reader, so if it doesn't right itself by tomorrow, I will manually copy and paste everything back in here. Booo. End Rant.**

33 weeks, 1 day along

...and these fabrics are going to be my bffs this weekend.

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