Monday, May 23, 2011

34 weeks

Doing ok, feeling pretty pale here as of late - more time on the patio it is!

Stretch marks to stay. Bah. Don't get me wrong - they still aren't that bad, but gahhhhh. I just didn't want to deal with them at all. I think they are from the baby moving down to be perfectly honest as it is more shifting than gaining or has been for the last few weeks. Still oiling and lotioning away. 

Feeling mentally ok about weight - had my midwife appointment this week and only gained like 1.5 pounds over the last three weeks. Yay! 

How I physically feel about the weight? Don't get me started. I think I am starting to hit that point that all moms-to-be hit (apparently) where I start wondering if I will ever be not pregnant again. Seriously 6 weeks is so short on one hand and sooooo.loooong on the other. 

I am starting to crave my cute clothes with a waist again (as if you couldn't tell that by the last post on this here blog) and I am starting to be over the amount of effort (for lack of a better word) that it takes to do everything. Putting shoes on? Nightmare. Turning over in bed? Too hard. Hauling myself out of bed in the morning? Don't even get me started. 

At least I got my hair did this weekend so highlights and cute cut are checked off the list. Hopefully the highlights will hold out until Baby G's arrival. CROSS YOUR FINGERS PEOPLE. That was an expensive salon visit.

Hello chewing ice. I love you. Seriously, I put a cube in my mouth with the intention of just letting it melt and .2 seconds later I have started chomping and didn't even realize it. Gah. 
Hip pain and rib pain thanks to baby stretching has become part of the daily routine. I am used to it, though I still whine occasionally so that A will massage my lower back, etc. Works out pretty well for me in the end. 

Oy. That is all.

Mental State
Doing pretty well for the most part, but today I had like a hot flash of stress regarding the monetary obligations of bringing a child into this world. 

Gah! Stressful! And I am considering not working! WTH are we thinking?!?!

And then I called A and left a message that said something along the lines of, "Hi, I need you to take care of this and make these phone calls and make sure everything we are assuming is correct. Kthanksloveyoubye." and then I felt a million times better. 

Boo. It continues. Reflux, reflux, go away. Don't come back some other day.

The Girls
Doing just fine. No changes. 

Fetal Movement
Doing great, I am starting to get a lot more punches than kicks, as an assumption based on baby position, though we L-O-V-E stretching our legs alllll the way into mommy's ribcage. 

Speaking of which, Baby G's head is down low where it should be at this point according to my midwife - YAY! Stay there baby, stay there. I am planning on walking a ton still over the next couple of weeks, and generally just trying to stay vertical when possible to have gravity help get baby engaged.

Minimal, but normal. When I brought it up as a concern my midwife said my blood pressure was "beautiful" (a blush-worthy praise for some reason to me) and that it is totally normal at this point, annnnnnnd that it will probably get worse. LAME. Until then, wearing all the strappy cute sandals that I can. Love.

Weird Stuff
Things just seem to be coming together. I guess that's not weird, but it has suddenly become so real to me that there will be a baby coming home with us in like +/- 6 weeks. Like, so real that we downloaded a contraction timing app on the hubby's phone yesterday. Because there is a baby inside me. A person. Who is coming home with us.

THAT is weird. Being someone's parent. A mom. Forever. Little person, just chillin' with me. Hella weird, and exciting. 

34 weeks, 4 days along

...and I am wearing two belly bands today and think it is genius. Seriously, one for underneath the pants, to keep zippers, etc from being uncomfortable, and one for over the pants to function as the band. Genius, I'm telling you.

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