Tuesday, May 10, 2011

32 weeks

This may be the first clothing repeat...but I love this shirt. So it's ok.

That teensy stretch mark from this week is becoming not so teensy. Boo. But, it is still light and just surface redness, so yeah. There's that. Lotioning and oiling ("oiling and lotioning...I just can't take this no more!" 10 pts if you know that movie) all the time so that no friends are coming to join in the party.

Doing ok. Appointment this week at the midwifery put me just over 190 pounds. GEEZE LOUISE. I know this whole thing is for posterity and honesty is important and all, but dang. 

Also, side note, in the birthing center you test your own urine, and weigh yourself and then report it to the midwife. Lame. I like it better when there is as little accountability as possible. Like when the nurse takes it over at the main office and you silently acknowledge it together and it is never spoken aloud. I like that.

Continually growing though, and that means a continually growing baby, which makes me happy. And a little scurred of delivering said large baby. But mostly happy.

Meh. Nothing special this week. Just chomping away on ice cubes.
None lately. Yay body! 

Hit or miss. You know, like everything else in this pregnancy. The pup is getting super protective and cuddly though which is pretty adorable, I must admit. He is like a heater in the night though, wowza. 

Also, he has gotten over the whole avoid-that weird lump coming out of mom thing. He just lays right on the belly now.

Also, I am actually wearing shorts in this photo. I promise.

Mental State
Doing really well actually. My mom and grandma did so much work at my house this week I am feeling pretty great about it, and though I still have a lot to do, I feel that it is pretty tackle-able at this point. We have our first plans free weekend coming up since...a long time ago, so we are excited to do some house/nursery things and chill.

My life is only live able thanks to Zantac. I love you inventor of Zantac. A true, undying love.

Nasal Issues
Fine, yo.

The Girls
Doing alright. They are here, they are huge, get used to it.

Fetal Movement
Has been doing crazy alien jogs moving my belly around. Loves.

Had my first real swell-y incident this week. It was just one foot at the end of the day, which can actually mean a super serious something like a blood clot, but it went down quickly when elevated (the foot that is) and hasn't come back. So, I think I am in the clear. I will keep an eye out though, no worries.

Weird Stuff
My boss still hasn't approached me or my fellow preggo Cheryl about whether we are sticking around post-baby or not. It may be illegal, but that hasn't stopped things here before...

Is she lying in wait to ask? and if so...why? Weird.

Dad decided to get in on the action. Ha!

32 weeks, 5 days along

...and have I mentioned how awesome my parents are?


  1. Have you heard of arbonne? my friend used there shea butter lotion while she was preggo and no stretch marks!

  2. "The Sandlot" - I love that movie. Courtney, you look amazing! Not to much longer till Baby Gage is here.

  3. "I swam here every summer of my adult life. and every summer, there she is lotioning, oiling; oiling, lotioning - I cant take this no more!" classic.