Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Well then.

It has been over a WEEK since my last post! Ack.

But, I promise I have a good excuse.

You see, I flew to this place...

to visit these loverly people...

family photo take 3

and then drove to this place...

to take part in this wedding...

and to see all these people...

...and then I came home.


We had such a great time, and to let the fun continue, my whole family is coming to town TODAY to visit for my leetle sister's graduation (with her Masters degree - smartypants). So, posting will be hit or miss, but look forward to...
  • Pregnancy FAQs Guest Post
  • 30 week update
  • 31 week update
  • How to be a {damn good} Preggo Bridesmaid
  • On Pregnancy and Travelling 
  • Birthing Class Take 2
  • Birthing Class Take 4 (we missed class three, will make it up later)
  • Birthing Class Special: On location in Austin
  • Nursery Fabric Reveal
  • No-sew Crib Skirt
...and maybe a few more I haven't though of yet. We shall see.

Glad to be back <3 

31 weeks, 5 days along

...and I can't believe we have like 8 weeks to go until Baby G makes his or her appearance! Ack!