Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maternity Photos, Part Deux

As you may remember, I was sort of undecided on the whole maternity photo thing.

But, not anymore!

My dear friend Lisa called me a few weeks ago. She had an idea. She and her hubby wanted their baby gift to us to be a Maternity Session with their friend Amanda Hedgepeth!

Free photos? The hubs could not argue with that!

So we thankfully and graciously accepted the offer and did our shoot just yesterday. Already the sneak peeks are available! We will be sure to share more as they come to us.

In the meantime, enjoy the preview - thanks to Amanda who is just the.sweetest.little.thing. Fun fact: Amanda is 10 weeks pregnant with her first baby! I assured her that the nausea did go away...eventually.

30 weeks along

...and I can't believe that I am 30 weeks pregnant! Yikes Spikes! Baby G is definitely on the way! Excite.


  1. i wish i did maternity photos with zelda! and yay for doing your birth photos too. i can't wait to see them!

    I love the ones in the black dress the best. you look smoking!

  2. THANK YOU COURTNEY! I love this! You're so fun, what an INCREDIBLE mother you're going to be! :)