Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birthing Class

Last night was our first birthing class.

My sister Ashley came with me, since hubby was a no-go, and naturally we were running late. We arrived right.on.time. but only one couple came in after the fact. Luckily, my preggo friend Cheryl and her husband were there and were at a table by themselves (right up front and center - thanks guys!) so we were able to quickly plop down with them.

The birthing classes we are taking are one of the three choices given by the Midwifery Birthing Center to qualify you to give birth there. These classes are the most highly recommended by the people I chatted with. Our instructor's name is Claudia and she is one cooky lady, but I love her already.

One of baby daddy's said quietly to us that she reminded him of Barbara Streisand's character in Meet the Fockers. 

Which is actually sort of dead on.

Anywho, I found her to be completely upbeat, scatterbrained in a very Type A kind of way (Are we getting everything done??), and able to talk about anything under the sun without causing anyone in the room to blush. She has been doing this every Tuesday night for 42 years, so she has had some practice. Ever since her daughter was born.

Last night, as sort of an intro, we learned about concentrated relaxation techniques (and how to have your partner help you practice relaxing just as they will during birth), she went over good nutrition for preggos (and how her kids never had a cold growing up - magic woman?), we also went over some of the mechanics of birthing - perineal massage, false vs. true labor, etc., and then a little bit about prepping for breast feeding. Most of these topics we will come back to later in the course and go a little more in depth, but all in all it was a great class.

Looking forward to next week when the hubby can be there and even more looking forward to my sister teaching him everything we learned tonight and making him practice with me! He's gonna love it, I'm sure.

28 weeks, 6 days along

...and my three hour test is tomorrow. I am bringing a book and a log of everything I have eaten over the last few days so I can prove to them that I am a healthy person. Really, I swear! Let's hope it goes well!

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  1. i am curious about what she said about prepping for breastfeeding. she didn't tell you to prep your nipples or anything did she? that is a horribly outdated practice.