Friday, April 1, 2011

April Showers

I was really tempted to write an April Fool's day post today and reveal a gender to everyone or say we were having TWINS, but I swear, it would have only been April Fools.

We really don't know the gender, and despite the fact that another person I don't know said "It looks like you have two in there!" (hardee har har) the other day, all of our ultrasounds have shown ONE baby.


Besides the normal April Showers plaguing the east coast, there has been a torrential downpour trend in our household as well. In the form of TEARS. (good transition, right? I am so damn clever. APRIL FOOLS.)

Moving on.

I want to talk about how TV has been destroying me emotionally lately. We have already visited the fact that I am not a big crier - normally. It just doesn't exist in me.

But, thanks to preggo hormones, and an influx of pregnancy/child related story lines on all my favorite shows that are BREAKING.MY.HEART I have been crying nightly in front of the tube.

Let's visit a few of my faves.

Grey' Anatomy
Now regardless of how you felt about the musical episode last night (I felt kind of meh about it, but it wasn't as corny as I thought it would be), the plot centered around the fact that Callie was in a car accident. For those not in the know, Callie is the orthopedic surgeon, lesbian lover of Arizona (who is a pediatric surgeon), who is currently knocked up at about 24 weeks with Mark's (the plastic surgeon) baby due to sleeping with her best friend because she just got left syndrome.

Confused? Let's just roll with it. Now, at the end of last weeks episode Arizona and Callie were heading to a weekend getaway and the scenes were shot in the car. As any TV watcher knows, when two main characters are being shown inside of a car - it usually spells car accident. Duh. Well then Callie had her seatbelt off to try and get her phone from the back seat, but got distracted when Arizona proposed.

(Please note this whole time I was YELLING at the television "Put your seat belt back on Callie!!!")

Then Arizona also got distracted (because YOU DON'T PROPOSE WHILE DRIVING) and the episode ended with their faces looking slightly shocked and you knew it was coming. This week's episode started with Arizona lifting her head from the airbag, and Callie lying on the front of the car, because she went through the windshield. The episode was full of the staff singing, and out of body experiences, and Callie almost dying 12 times.

Then, the baby had to be delivered via emergency c-section. At And Arizona saves little baby's life. But, GAH, I was bawling at this point. Come on baby! Just have a heartbeat! Fight through! And then, there it is! a heartbeat! for a barely viable baby. And Callie lives too.

Moments that made me cry: 

  • When they couldn't find a fetal heartbeat.
  • Arizona and Mark fighting about what Callie would want, her life saved, baby's life saved, etc. Clearly something every pregnant woman considers in her darkest moments. Buckets of tears.
  • Little baby fighting for life. 
  • Meredith crying in the elevator about the randomness of the universe/her hostile uterus, etc. 
  • Previews for next week, which shows a VERY SAD looking Arizona sinking to the ground outside of an OR. That baby had best not die. GAH.
I love this show. But there are so many moments of tearing up when you are about to become a parent yourself! This week's episode was especially tear-jerky for a few main characters.

Julia and Joel. Julia is one of my faves. She is the breadwinner who hyphenated her name, and is an ultra successful lawyer who struggles because she still wants to be an awesome mom/baker/partyplanner, while her husband is a stay at home dad, who was a general contractor, but THANKS ECONOMY, he now solely stays at home and raises their precocious child Sydney. And picks up Chinese food, and occasionally builds beautiful pieces of furniture, because he is talented y'all.

Anywho, they have been trying for Baby #2 for a while now (like 5ish months?) which was fraught with tension because Julia wanted the baby, but Joel was hesitant as it would affect his daily life (being the primary care taker) more than Julia. Now they are both on the same page and sort of worried it has taken so long. Julia, apparently has just been to the gyno, and everything seems fine with her. So, Joel heads to get his "fish" tested, which of course is littered with many opportunities for laughs. Then he gets the call - all is well.

So, here I am thinking this is going to be a lesson for Julia on being more patient (tone down the Type-A behavior Courtney JULIA) and then the last scene - Julia has gotten a call from her doctor. Turns out some tests came back and she has intrauterine scarring tot he extent that getting pregnant will be almost impossible. She is of course, heart-broken as she tells Joel and he cries too. SAD.

Moments that made me cry:

  • Julia and her obvious immediate guilt at this being "her fault"
  • When Julia apologizes to Joel about not being able to get pregnant and he says "You cannot apologize to me for this." GAH. Joel, I love you.
  • Joel's tears rolling down his face as he comforts his wife. Men crying. Too much for me.
  • Other moments in the show, that involve other characters I haven't introduced here. Christina, son with Asperger's, trying to be a good mom. Amber, receiving rejection letters from all of her colleges, esp Berkley. HUGS.
Now, this show was one of my faves, but has gotten slightly corny over the last few seasons. They must have realized this, because this season has been nothing but serious and heartbreak. Basic premise - follows 5 army families, 4 wives are dependents, one  is in the army and her hubby is the dependent.

Last week, we were teased by the saddest.ending.evah. when the super dressed army guys rolled up in the black SUV with tinted windows. TO A BRIDAL SHOWER. Gah. That is the most heart thumping sight for anyone who has ever had a loved one serving in the armed forces. You immediately know that someone has died, but they were all there TOGETHER, so who was it?!?

This week we found out. It was Denise's son Jeremy, who had already survived one tour of duty in Iraq, and whose dad is also deployed. Oh yeah, and it was his fiance's bridal shower.

Moments that made me cry (besides saying the ENTIRE episode):
  • The army guys telling Denise. 
  • Same army guys refusing to answer his fiance's questions because she "isn't family"
  • Us seeing Jeremy die, flashback style
  • The look of slight, but undeniable relief on everyone else's faces
  • A seasoned war vet, whose son has just died breaking down in tears
  • Same seasoned vet accompanying his son's flag draped coffin home
  • Same vet meeting his daughter for the first time at.a.funeral.home.where.his.dead.son.lies.inside.
  • Denise and Frank (the dad) sorting through childhood photos of Jeremy to show at the funeral
  • The entire funeral, especially - handing over the flag, parents telling fiance "we are so glad our son knew love in his life", 21 gun salute.

And, this post is getting ridiculously long. Is it just me or are there really more traumatic pregnancy story lines than normal on tv shows?

27 weeks, 1 day along

...and BTW, there is no need to remind me that all of this is FICTION. I know.

But the hormones don't.

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