Monday, April 4, 2011

27 Weeks

This shirt is non-maternity from Ann Taylor Loft. I don't think they would really be as cruel as to put ruffles down a preggo belly, but I love it.

Doing fairly well. I think that there are the beginnings of some tiny stretch marks starting to appear on my right hip. BOO. They are sort of to the back and I just caught a glimpse in the mirror this morning but can't look close enough to tell for sure.

Also, my linea nigra started showing up this week. It isn't dark (yet?) its just sort of a pinkish line that is sometimes more obvious than others. I feel pretty ok about it.

In the 60s, 70s and 80s this whole week. Happy girl rockin' maternity dresses.

Glucose test on Friday. Eeek.

I craved a corn dog today, and then remembered i probably shouldn't eat one. Boo.

Satiated craving with a smoothie instead.

Sciatica. Comes and goes. Also, rib pain. Ouch.

I literally googled "27 weeks pregnant rib pain" the other day and it popped up "Your baby is probably stretching against your rib cage." Ouch baby! Which makes me think of "Ouch Charlie". Which everyone has seen so I won't link it, but man are British kids cute.

What did preggos do before Google?
I have slept like a ROCK this week. Awesomeness. Usually that is when A is gone (read: A was out to sea all week) so I feel sorta guilty about that, but whatevs. I HAVE GOTTEN SLEEP.

Mental State
Last week of second trimester! Ack!

We picked up the crib this week, put our new dressers together, took a load of furniture to the inlaws, and today I ordered my crib skirt fabric! Wee! Checking things off the list feels good.  Photos to come of A actually putting crib together, and though our nursery is now a jumbled mess of furniture I am feeling pretty stoked about the fact that it is no longer "the man room". On our way!

Also, we start birthing classes next week. Eeek! I am excited. I think that birthing classes will really help hubby to feel involved in the process. He has felt slightly out of things lately - not that he can really be "in" things at this point since the baby is - but you know. He wants to be involved, which is super cute, so this will be great.

Woke up in the middle of the night the other night with so much reflux action I thought I was going to puke. I didn't and since then it has been ok. So, who knows. Also helps when hubby is gone because then i steal his pillows to create a bigger ramp at night for me to sleep on. Sorry babe.

Nasal Issues

The Girls
Still wondering when the whole "my boobs are leaking" moment is going to happen. It hasn't yet, which I am totally ok with, but then the little pregnancy neurotic thing happens where I jump to major conclusions like "WHAT IF I NEVER PRODUCE BREAST MILK AND CAN'T FEED MY BABY?!?!?"

And then a few moments later I have backed off the ledge and am fine.

Fetal Movement
Days of nothing but movement and days of sleep. Wondering if Baby G is on a 2 day cycle, rather than morning and night. Like Monday is daytime for him or her and then Tuesday is sleepy time. Weirdness.

Comes and goes. Saturday was the worst yet for no apparent reason. And by worst yet, I mean that my rings left an indentation on my finger. I could still get them on and off and was all together fine. Seriously hoping that this is what I continue experiencing.

Weird Stuff
Sometimes I forget I am pregnant. Is that weird? Like every now and again I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and go "Oh yeah." Or think, "I really want to lay on my stomach now" in the middle of the night and go "Oh yeah."

Full on side shot. Wowza.

27 weeks, 4 days along

...and I waited until btoh me and my memory card were in the same place to post this.

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