Monday, April 11, 2011

28 weeks

Hooray for Ann Taylor and another pre-pregnancy dress. Funnily enough, I only wore this a handful of times before getting knocked up, because I thought it made me look preggo.

SkinI feel like a tomato about to burst, actually. I think over the last few days baby has grown considerably, leading to one uncomfy momma. I keep lotioning away though, so we will see how it goes.

Doing just fine, right on par - measuring perfectly, etc. Textbook pregnancy other than that whole failing the one hour glucose test thing. BAH.

Took a 45 minute walk outside today at lunch and will walk the dog again tonight, so I feel pretty ok being up and moving around.

Craving anything sweet since I have self-imposed an embargo on them. The most I allowed myself was a fruit smoothie from TS the other day (with no sweeteners whatsoever and protein added). I have also kicked caffeine to the curb (though I was only ever having at MOST one cup of coffee per day...which makes me sleepy come about 2 pm in the office. 

Oy. Lower left side abdominal pain like c-razy. I was pushing on my stomach earlier today while wailing "What is going onnnnn?" and I am pretty sure that I can feel a baby head laying right there. Awesome. While that was totally weird and cool (to feel my baby's head! Ack!) I super wish baby would move so I can stop hobbling like an old lady and scaring the men in my office (who think I am going into pre-term labor anytime I grimace even slightly. Teehee).

Like crapola over the last few days. Hot, uncomfortable, twisted in sheets and pregnancy pillow, etc. It has been a mess. We shall see if I go back on the upswing. (Please God).
Mental State
Doing so well by checking some things off! The crib is built, mattress bought, and it is all set up with a mattress pad and everything. Eeek! Exciting.

Doing not so well worrying about this three hour test. I am a pretty optimistic person, except when it comes to me. So, I see those percentages about women who fail the first time and then pass the three hour with fling colors and I am all, look at me, I will be the tiny percentage who doesn't. Woo! But I am hoping and hoping that I don't fail it.

The more research that I have done about GD lately though, the better I do feel about the guilt. So that's good.

So bad. Boo. Zantac is my friend. 

Nasal Issues
Pollen is ooc today and my eyes and nose are starting to itch. Go away!

The Girls
Doing alright. Friends are starting to notice their size increase more and more. I can't even imagine what it will be like when my milk comes in. Praying that they don't go right back to b-cup filling with the room for DD-cup filling after all is said and done. 

Fetal Movement
Dancing on my intestines daily.

Doing well. I actually have had no incidents of swelling this week. Booyah.

Weird Stuff
This may be TMI, but here we go. I finally got to the point where it was a necessity to sit down on the tub edge while in the shower to shave my legs a bit more easily. Sitting there I experienced my first feeling of skin to skin contact between my boobs and belly and my belly and my legs. First time I have ever felt those areas connecting. In my whole life. It was weird. 

Side shot!

28 weeks, 4 days along

...and this post has been going around the interwebs like wildfire. Just doing my part. Happy Monday!

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  1. Geez, I wonder who that way-too-curious-and-vocal friend who asked you about your boobs was...What a weirdo.