Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two down...

...and one to go!

Trimesters, that is. How crazy is that?

Today I am 28 weeks which marks the beginning of the third trimester.

HOLY CRAP! We are having a baby in +/- 12 weeks! Oh Lawd.

Seriously though, we are so excited! I am still feeling pretty good - we have been out enjoying the nice weather and walking the last few days, trying to eat a little healthier, you know, the uze.

A insists that this is my procrastinator behavior "cramming" for my glucose test tomorrow morning and keeps telling me that this is one test I cannot cram for. Ha! What do you know husband?

But, I promise, I am not trying to cram. I just am feeling good lately, and there is nothing wrong with that. Spring and Summer weather always brings on my desire to eat better and be outside and active, so why would it be any different now? I will go into more details on the 28 week recap tomorrow.

The biggest and best "Happy Third Trimester" news is that - dun dun dun, someone offered to take A's watch days! Yay! Now he can come to birthing classes with me! He will still miss 2/6, but that is way better than only COMING to 2/6! I am writing a very nice thank you note to the man who offered to swap with him and contemplating baking him some cookies. Yay!

Anyway, we still have a lot to do to prepare, but I am getting pretty excited for this little one to get here so that I can meet the person beating my innards to a pulp.

I finally snuck some time on the scanner at work today (shh!) and have some ultrasound photos to share!

Sorry for the quality - scanner at work is no bueno. 
(Is that right? I took French.)

These are the 20 week ones, which if you remember, they weren't too happy with , which is why we only got two printouts (besides the video). 

The first is of baby's spine and the best sort of profile that they could get. 
The second is looking at baby's heart in a cross section. Heart rate to the right.

And a mere 4 weeks later:

24 weeks!

According to all my weekly calendars, Baby G has doubled in weight since this last photo, which would seem crazy other than the fact that I know Baby has to be bigger from all the rib kicking I have been getting.

Exciting times!

28 weeks along

...and I felt my first Baby hiccups last night.


  1. Oh baby hiccups! They can be so much fun!

  2. Baby hiccups, you had them all the time. Even shook my middle desk drawer at work with them. Soak in all the feelings it is wonderful, and something you will only know. love you can't wait to see you. Mom