Tuesday, April 19, 2011

29 weeks

Yet another non-maternity dress. 
Found it in the back of my closet the other day. Yay.

Feeling better this week, definitely not as tight...keeping the lotion and oil rocking.

Two pounds down. Weird, but true. and Awesome.

I am feeling pretty good about clothes this week too. Spring weather has brought out all of my lovely dresses and I feel...fashionable again.

Meh. Missing things like turkey sandwiches lately. No idea why, I didn't love them that much before. But, I sort of have a sad when I see them on the menu.

Doing ok for the most part. Feet in the ribs suck a big one. Other than that, doing alright.

Gah. What sleep? I either sleep like a rock from pure exhaustion, or I wake up like every hour on the hour. The night time reflux, bile in my throat, OMG I feel like I am gonna throw up stuff is super fun too. Nothing will wake you up like the taste of orange Tums coming back up your throat.

Mental State
Not gonna lie, so.much.more.chill after being cleared from my GD test. It has been a wake up though and I have been trying to be more grown up about food selections in general. Soon I am going to have to model good diet and set a good example and all that jazz.

Plus, I have had some fun this week. All of the fabric for the nursery has been bought, and is starting to come together thanks to my little sewing station. Wee!

So bad. See above. Wake in the middle of the night kind of bad. I am doing everything I can, eating far enough in advance (when possible...I have a busy schedule and all) before bed, getting rid of the caffeine, acid-y type stuff. But yeah. Will not be sad when this goes away.

Nasal Issues
I have had a handful of rough moments, but so far the allergies actually haven't been all that bad. Pollen season isn't fully upon us, so let's all cross our fingers and hope and pray and wish real hard that I do not die this Spring from ooc allergies and lack of Zyrtec.

The Girls
Fine. Wondering when all the magic is gonna start. 

Fetal Movement
So fun. The other day I went and sat out on the back patio with a book. It was so sunny and nice, so I pulled my shirt up for my belly to just get a little sun (those who know me know that I don't tan, so don't worry, I wasn't slathering on baby oil or anything...just a little Vitamin D). 

The second I pulled up my shirt, Baby was moving all over the place. I saw what I am pretty sure is an elbow move across my midsection, all that stuff. I pulled my shirt down and everything stopped. Pulled shirt back up and Baby was moving again.

It must have been bright in there. LOVE IT.

Doing well still! Wee! BP is super low and swelling at a minimum. 

Weird Stuff
Got my first person I don't know belly touch this week.

This woman who works at the NEX, came around the corner while we were searching for A's new video game, almost bumped into me, looked down at the belly, reached out and rubbed me and said "Oooooooh!" and then, "I'm sorry, I had to." and walked away.

That was it. To be honest I didn't really know how I would feel about public touches until just then. I had a sad, and felt a little shocked...and accosted. Like, how is it appropriate to reach out and RUB A STRANGER? Gross lady. And you didn't have to. I do consider myself lucky I Have made it this far without the public touching though. Mayhap this will be my only incident.

This week was really hard to get our act together and get a daylight photo. 
So, yeah. Dark outside. Bad lighting. Lame.

29 weeks, 5 days along

...and I figured I should get around to posting this now that I am 2 days from being 30 weeks. Yikes!

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  1. 1) Why can't you eat turkey? Are they swimming in mercury too now??

    2) Next time a stranger rubs your belly, reach out and grab her boobs. Say, "I'm sorry. I had to." And walk away.