Friday, April 8, 2011

Well, this sucks.

Booo. I just got done with my one hour glucose test and I failed.

Sad faces.

On top of everything else I got the nurse who is so brusque today (she is the sort where she asks you questions and no matter how you answer you feel like you are giving the wrong one...even when she asked, "So, have you felt the baby moving?" I was like "Yup! All the time!" and she gave me this look and I suddenly felt the need to add "well, not right now, but...a lot"). Anywho, she pricked my finger and then she was all like "Welp, you failed. Sit here to wait to see the midwife."

Dang it! I am so disappointed. I know, I know, plenty of people who fail the first test go on to pass the second. But still. I hate feeling like a failure. Boo.

The midwife Beth was really nice about it, and comforting, which helped. She said everything else looks great, I haven't had any problems with anything and that I shouldn't be nervous about the 3 hour test. She kept asking me if I had more questions and I was so Eeyore-like that I just kept saying "No" and sighing.

Of course now there are tons of questions rolling around in my head.

"How does this happen?"
"What should I do between this week and next?"

The part that kills me is that I seriously thought I would fly through this test. All the little check boxes and crap for me were all "No". Family history of diabetes? Nope. Sugar in my urine before now? Nope. High blood pressure? Nope (122/60 today). Old? Nope. Overweight? Nope. Exhaustion? Nope. Frequent Urination? Nope.

Dang it, dang it, dang it.

So anyway, after the test, I went home and had a good cry (because I am an emotional pregnant lady and I can). Bings licked my face and I felt better. And now here I am at work. I feel like kids with ADHD must feel, and have felt that way since I drank that stupid drink. I can't really focus on anything (so, sorry if this is jump-y). I totally should have done this earlier in the week so as to not ruin my weekend. Boo.

They gave me this sheet of directions about my diet for the next test. I have to eat lots of carbs. No idea why. I have to fast before the test so they can get a fasting level and then they prick me every hour for three hours and measure. Gah.

Here is the thing: I am diabetes dumb. I seriously have no knowledge beyond my years reading Stacy's story in The Baby-sitters Club...and that ain't much.

Well, I am not going to count chickens, and now that this is all out I can hopefully move on with my day.

28 weeks, 1 day along

...and I am going to go Google the heck out of all this stuff.

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  1. Call me with any questions, ok? I'm happy to shed any light I can! And no worries, I'm sure everything will be fine next week. Let us know how it goes!