Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Pillow Pilferer

...or the Snoogle Stealer.

I haven't yet decided what to call him.

Him being this little guy.

Who me?
Please note that he is resting his head on a pillow. 
Our dog thinks he is a human.

Well, the other night I was luxuriously sleeping in the middle of our bed, as A was out to sea, much like this lady here:
Except with better hair and better PJs...and no socks. 
Who wears socks to bed? Not me. Can't stand em.

Moving on. Somewhere during my night of blissful (ha) slumber, I awoke to find that my knees were touching. Where had my pillow gone?

Well, that little thief had managed to somehow maneuver the end of the Snoogle out further behind me so that the curve of the pillow and the crook of my knees made a perfect little nest for him to curl into.

I looked down and said sleepily, "What the..." and he turned his head, batted those big brown eyes, yawned and went right back to sleep.

In the morning after I got up to go to the bathroom and came back into the bedroom, he had migrated to the top curve of the Snoogle and was curled up like he wasn't moving any time soon.

Le sigh. Apparently he has claimed yet another thing in our home.

I decided to share this story today, because when getting to work this morning my google reader blessed me with this article.

27 weeks along

...and if you haven't yet read this beautiful, then horrifying, then haunting and ultimately empowering birth story yet, you should.


  1. you should probably get one for the baby and the dog.

  2. ps I love AMA. So many women have no idea they can pull that card. Hospitals are so lame sometimes.