Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brain Dump

...that do no equal a blog post on their own, but together...just maybe.

**Pregnancy Brain**
I thought that it had abated...until the other day when I found a stack of cards with names and stamps on them and no addresses.

Y'all, they are Christmas cards.

I seriously thought I sent them all, but apparently the ones that I did not have addresses with me up in Wisconsin never got mailed.

and it is March.

Oy. If your name is Matt R., Kari, Jessica, Steve, Jackie, Missy or you happen to be my cousins in England and you would still like to receive your Christmas card, please let me know. And I am SO SORRY. And send me your address, because I for sure threw all of my Christmas card envelopes with your addresses away.


I finished reading Ina May and I feel so empowered about giving birth. Huzzah! I was so pumped to read it and progress onto other books when I first started it, and now I just want to hole up with some good novels instead and call it a day.

I am a selfish reader - ask my husband, I ignore everything else when I am in the middle of a book - and I am pretty sure pleasure reading will go out the window for a while when Baby arrives. So, I am trying to stockpile reading time now. Good for productivity? No.

**Baby moving**
I was almost late to work the other day because I was so entranced by watching my belly move from baby kicks and wriggles. It was simultaneously weird, awesome, and comforting. Next time I will try and get a phone video.

**Feeling Grateful**
This weekend was my sorority sister luncheon baby shower. Unbeknown to me, it had a book theme, which I loved. See comments above. Even though it was a small and intimate gathering, I felt so loved and showered by some of my favorite ladies. Baby got a lot of the classics and I got to spend time with friends who I love.

Certain friends brought some extra special stuff to the event as well. My friend's mom is a quilter, and I had a secret hope in my heart that she would think of me and possibly make something for baby - and she did! A play quilt featuring Spot, who was also the star of the book she gave me. It is truly beautiful.

I was overwhelmed by generosity this weekend. Love you ladies.

**Talking to my mom**
Don't get me wrong here, I love my mom, always have and always will. But, I have never been the greatest about calling. Some moms and daughters talk every day. We never have. 

I probably set that precedent in college when sometimes my parents wouldn't hear from me for weeks. No news was good news though, so it was all well and good. 

Lately though, I just feel this need to call her, like all.the.time. Just to talk about nothing. But it is so comforting to hear her voice. Thanks for bothering with all my weirdo random phone calls Mom. Love you!

**Boy or Girl?**
The votes on our little poll keep me wondering. They are pretty neck and neck, but Girl votes have always been ahead on the blog. Everyone I talk to though thinks there is a little Boy in there. 

Most people have asked me what my intuition is, and I have to answer honestly, I have none. If this is a precedent for Mothering instincts, I am screwed. 

**Baby Cuddling**
I have had the biggest urge lately to snuggle with babies...but there are none around for me to snuggle with. My puppy Bings (Mr. Bingley) is getting slathered with attention and cuddles in their stead. 

**Photo Updates**
I unequivocally fail at getting photos up in a timely manner. Bah. Inevitably I forget my camera cord, or my camera, or a memory card. But, I got some up today! the 23 weeks post has been updated, as has the Bump Watch page. I will try to be better about it.

That's all I got for now folks. 

Thanks for baring with me.

23 weeks, 6 days along

...and dreams about giving birth to and snuggling my baby are becoming way more real and vivid...and are bringing a sense of comfort and peace to my mornings.


  1. if you liked ina may's guide to childbirth, you would LOVE spiritual midwifery too (if you can find a copy). it has a lot fo crunchy birth stories too.

  2. I am often nearly late for work from watching my belly bounce around too! Good times, good times.