Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Maternity Photos

Besides our weekly photo sessions, courtesy of daddy-to-be and our newest family member (Our Canon T1i that is) the big question I have been getting is WHEN will we be doing a maternity photo shoot?

Now, I love photography. LOVE it. Especially good photography, and especially of me. Ha. Who knew? But seriously. We had two engagement sessions...

via here

via A's sister, Haley
who has a degree in photography, but no website. 

You can't hire her, yo. She's that exclusive. ;)

...and we had a kick butt photog for our wedding...

With all that being said, and all the money that we invested in those great photos (yes, I believe photos are an investment) you would think that the hubs would not be surprised when I brought up the topic of maternity photos.

But, he was.

Apparently this is something boys don't think about? We talked through a couple of different options and are pretty unsure of what to do about it. He did bring up a "good" point that we are investing in a lot of other costs for Baby G at the moment, but, BUT, BUT {insert whine here}.

So, we are feeling it out. I just feel like it would be nice to have a few nice (read: professional) photos of this time in our life. Taken by someone who knows to tell me to turn my chin just.that.way so I don't look quite so rotund. Or, so that A and I could be in photos together. 

Hmmm, who would have thought of that?!

I am not talking the nekkid kind of maternity photos either.

But the cute ones.

Like this girl.

via here
disclaimer: I don't know her, or anything about her photography...
our relationship consists of the fact that I google imaged "cute maternity photos" and she came up.

Any thoughts? What do you guys think? Are you having them done? Did you have them done? Are they passe?

24 weeks, 5 days along

...and I just may be calling the Aunty-to-be and my friend Jess to do double duty on this situation (and keep my cheap-o husband from hitting the roof).


  1. Hi..new here! I say go for it! I have 4 children and I have about 3 pictures of me pregnant. Go for it! You'll treasure it years from now!!

  2. Dana was very generous and did ours for us...those photos are some of my most prized posessions. The memories of that first pregnancy are ones that I want to be able to hold onto forever...the last few months that we relished in it being just the two of us, but were downright giddy for what was going to come :)

  3. You MUST do maternity photos somehow! The female figure is amazing in what it can do and you have been documenting all along...but getting a professional or at least semi-professional to do it is a MUST I think! XOXO

  4. you gotta do them! groupon!!! they always have good deals on photographers!!!

    also, make sure you get pictures of the birth. you might think "eww! i'll wait to take pictures til we are all cleaned up!" but take some anyways of the whole process. I regret not doing that with my kiddos.

  5. What about looking into some photography students at TCC. I think that they always need to get practice and I think that you can look through their portfolios before you decide/not decide on one...

  6. Of course i think this should be done! And whether you decide to hire a professional or not, I'll still do a session with you guys for free (duh)!