Friday, March 4, 2011

23 Weeks

We changed the light bulbs in our living room, so excuse the awkward lighting...
I need to learn more about my camera.

You know, dry and pale. I am trying really hard to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize. the arrival of SPRING and HUMIDITY would really help. I don't know that I have ever wished for humidity before, but please, come soon and make my skin soft and nice like usual...the hair volume boost could be helpful too.

Feeling ok. I actually felt really little today, until I started drinking my gallons of water that I am dutifully drinking though-I-resent-it-so-much.

Seriously - drinking water is supposed to make you feel great? isn't it? why does it make me feel like crappola?

I guess that is an exaggeration, but I feel way huge-r when I have been drinking the prescribed amount of water...sloshy and big. And I like feeling cute and little. Bah. Of course I will keep drinking the water.

Oh, and trust that this is NOT an issue of me not peeing enough. TRUST.

Also, sick of winter clothes. They are big and bulky and I hate them. That is all.

You know, good. I'm not picky. Some days I am ravenous, others I have to remind myself to eat. Meh.

Actually, this week has been relatively pain free...minus some leg cramps. But shhhh, don't say that too loud. The pain might hear you and come back.

Doing ok, waking up a lot to shift goes like this: 

Wake up.
Wiggle around. 
Nudge dog/husband out of the way. 
Find there! 
That position and pillow placement feels like heaven! 
"Body - don't move." 
Sleep blissfully for an hour.

Mental State
According to What to Expect I am at 6 months preggo this week. WTH. How did that happen? 

Besides that I am pretty good. Feeling excited about everything that is coming, starting to relax about baby now that movements, etc are all pronounced and regular. We have been listening to music together and I have also been antagonizing with a flashlight. Ha. I am going to be an awesome mom.

So.much.better on meds...when I remember to take them. 

Nasal Issues
Ready to breathe and REALLY hoping that i will be in that third of preggies whose allergies mysteriously disappear while ku'd. That would be awesome.

The Girls
They seem to be tender again. On and off. But seriously? They are getting bigger? Bah.

I am really excited to take a Breastfeeding class here soon though. I feel like I need the info to mentally prepare.

Fetal Movement
All.the.time. EXCEPT when daddy is around. He gets so excited to feel things and then...nothing. Baby goes to sleep, or just slightly shuffles so much deeper than anyone could feel from the outside. I think daddy's feelings are starting to get hurt.

Yup. I had my first incident.

 Granted, I don't think anyone would have noticed except me, and it was after standing for approx 2 hours at my aunt's art show opening. But still. Ankles were slightly puffy when I took off my boots. LAME.

Weird Stuff
Got my first from-a-car-window pregnancy shout out.

"Look at the little baby, you are so cute girl"

Smiled and kept walking. People are weird.

Behind the scenes...
Bings is our shoot supervisor every week.

23 weeks, 1 day along

...and I am feeling like I want spring, summer and my baby to be here. I would like to snuggle.


  1. This baby stops moving when Russ is around. It will feel like baby is having a party in the belly and I'll call him over to feel and it will just stop. The boys did it too. Tell your sweet husband not to take it personally.

  2. breastfeeding classes are the best!! take them all! take a long one! you can never be too prepared for it.

    and when you come I should have fun Childbirth education stuff we can play with too!