Wednesday, May 4, 2011

31 weeks

31 weeks, at the Alamo! 
Fun times San Antonio, fun times. 

Found my first teensy stretch mark on my belly this week after getting out of the shower. It may have been there for a little bit, as I didn't see it until I was in Texas, naked in front of a much larger mirror than I have at home in front of the shower. Its not deep and is just a little red, so I am ok with it for now. But there had best not be friends coming to join that guy. You hear that stretch mark friends? You are not invited. Don't be rude and show up anyway.

Feeling good. I have been walking a bit this week while in Texas and travelling so, I feel pretty darn ok. Plus, my friend Jess took this photo of A and I walking from behind, and I feel pretty good about that view. 

That skirt is non maternity and so is the cardigan. Just the tank top and bra are new pieces. Love.
I was essentially in the land of Tex Mex this week. Yum. Seriously cannot.get.enough. Everything comes with tortillas, even breakfast - double yum. It's like building your own breakfast burrito.

I did bemoan my inability to drink some of the luscious margarita options though. 

The beer-rita? How have I not though of this before. Gah. It looked delish. 

Good. Baby is sticking head down, which I am fine with, and just keeps rotating the little butt and hands and feet to either side. Barrel Rolls. In my abdomen. #weird. Anywho, when baby decides to stretch out, my ribs hurt, and that is uncool. So, you can stop that anytime baby, though I appreciate a good stretch too, so I am sure it is only in your genetic makeup.

Was pretty bad while deep in the heart of Tejas. (That misspell is intentional) The bed at the hotel was my favorite.kind pre pregnancy. Topped with a featherbed thingie and awesomely soft. Too soft for me as a preggo though apparently. It took SO much effort to move during the night. Ridiculousness. And, tex mex does not do well for the acid reflux - but that one is technically sorta my fault. Sometimes I make bad choices. 

Mental State
I felt good this week! Travelling went just fine, hanging out with friends was relaxing, and I was able to be in the moment without being too super exhausted. Also, laying by the pool in San Anton was awesome sauce. Can that please be my life every day?

Gag. The reflux is ridiculous. I was up half the night one night trying not to puke all over the place. But then, the next night it was fine. Who knows. I am just trying to accept and move on.

Nasal Issues
I was allergic to Texas for a few days upon arrival, but then things sorted themselves out and I was fine the rest of the week. Yay!

The Girls
Were the topic of conversation among my friends this week. Most of them have known me since high school when the girls looked a little different. This photo is actually from college, but you get the idea.

(Thanks fb for old embarassing photos)


It's not weird to post photos in a public forum where you are encouraging people to check out your boobs, right? Well then, moving on...

Fetal Movement
Things have been pretty quiet this week thanks to all the walking around and general activity. When I lay down at night or in the morning things are still rocking though so no worries. 

Nada. My feet were a little swelly this week but more so from walking in non-supportive shoes and Texas heat than anything else. 

Weird Stuff
I was a pregnant bridesmaid this week! Weird. Something I never though I would be, but enjoyed it I couldn't not be a part of my girl's wedding festivities. 

31 weeks, 6 days along

...and I really want my Sip and See to look like this party. I can totally handle that at like 3 weeks postpartum  amiright? (ha!)

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  1. Great. The quote on the board at that Sip 'n See party has me crying at my desk. I think this blog is making me hormonal too. ;P