Thursday, June 23, 2011

Babies, Babies, Babies

Well, this morning all I can say is "Yay for babies!"

As I was doing my morning check of email, Facebook and Twitter this morning on my phone (before getting out of bed of course - what has the world come to?) I realized that two more friends in the area are expecting! I have so many friends from college that are at different stages of pregnancy, or just had babies, and it is just so exciting.

I really need to figure out what is wrong with my news feed because I missed both their big announcements that happened a few weeks back, just like another mutual friend who was 20 weeks before I saw the news.

Here is where I admit that I am a super bad friend about keeping in touch with people. It has seriously been my New Year's resolution for at least the last three or four years. I was really spoiled by my friend group from high school, because we are all still so close and just like family we can go months at a time without seeing each other or talking, and then we spend time together and it is like we were just all hanging out on my front porch yesterday. I love them for that, but they have certainly spoiled me!

In fact, one of them sent me this a few weeks ago, and I couldn't agree more that this is my main philosophy with all the people I love.

via here.

Maybe that seems like a cop out to some, but I am being totally honest when I say that if you are once my friend, you are always my friend - at least on my end. 

Wow, that was a tangent I didn't really mean to take. But while we are on it, I am so excited that the arrival of Baby G will also be coinciding with A changing to shore duty instead of being "at sea." Shore duty is a whole different ball game and for a few blissful years we will not have to worry about scheduling life events around watch schedules, underways, deployments or even that many late working nights. 

It has been even easier for both A and I to just snuggle into spending time together in our little Bungalow of Love without reaching out to others because his schedule is so nuts (I have spoken about that before...). When he IS home, we like to spend time together and are pretty selfish about sharing that time - even with our best of best friends. 

Something we need to work on for sure, because you always need a balance in life!

So, I am really excited about seeing all of my friends more (both those with and without kiddos), and being able to make some more solid plans when shore duty starts (both here in town and out in the bigger world where a bunch of people I miss live), but this morning I am also specifically excited about all of the friends having babies around here that we can schedule play dates with and just have our kiddos get to know each other - while we grown ups get to catch up as well.

Wow. Grown ups.

Maybe I will actually feel like a grown up once Baby G arrives?

39 weeks along

...and I don't know that I will ever really feel like a grown up ;)


  1. Just wanted to tell you how excited to know that in DAYS there will be a baby face on your blog!!!!! I'm so excited for you both! Loves!

  2. Love this post, Court. Thanks for thinking of us "non-kiddo" friends! (Or was that just a ploy for free babysitting? Well, it worked. ;)