Tuesday, October 9, 2012

22 Weeks

None, well some foods seemed to disagree with me this weekend, but not too badly. I think it just may have been a tummy thing rather than pregnancy?

Good-ish. We had our class reunion this weekend (10 years!! WHAAA?!) and I felt pretty ok about the skin I had for my appearance. Makeup is doing well again (read: not melting off my face after an hour) and we seem to have normalized.

Feeling good! Still not really wearing too many maternity clothes. Some of the jeans, but rocking my non-preggo ones too. They seem to fit my legs better right now. Today was a "Stay at Home and Recover" day, hence the SUPER CASUAL (read: schlub) outfit. But, hey, it's real.

I am so.not.hungry. by the end of the day. My stomach only has so much room in there, and I am not at all interested in cooking dinner (blech.) or being inspired by food by the end of the day. Poor husband. 

Some streching and moving pain this week. Round ligament. ALSO the return of my pregnancy RLS. Dammit. Lame. It is a real thing and it is MISERABLE.

Did ok this week, can't sleep through hubby's alarm any more though. Super lame.

Doing...meh...ok. Still lingering there. Hasn't gotten better or worse. 

Fetal Movement
I AM SEEING MY BELLY MOVE. Poor husband has not seen or felt. I continually ask him to watch and he continually JUST misses it. Whomps.

The Girls
Not sore, steadily getting bigger, but really only to the size they were when I was pregnant with Ev. So, big bras are back out. "Big" being a relative term. Wink. Husband has noticed though, OF COURSE.

New this time around
I am wearing a LOT more non maternity clothes than I was last time. Is that weird? I think it's because I am so much more casual being at home instead of working. Work pants don't really have any flexibility to them. 

Oh yeah, this again.
The sleep thing. Is it worse because I don't have a Snoogle this time around? I keep meaning to grab one and then forget about it until I lay down again the next night. PREGGO BRAIN.

Mental State
Doing well. It was super weird seeing all these people that I haven't seen in years this weekend and being all "I'm a Stay at Home Mom." Not that I am ashamed or sad about that decision, but it is so relatively new to me as part of my identity, and they have no idea that I went and did all these other things, college, travelled the country, grad school, work, etc. Ok, well maybe they do, because of Facebook and social media and yadda yadda yadda. Still, just weird.

Evelyn Rae is fourteen months old, I am 22 weeks along with Baby Ferris

...and the bump is working out great as a shelf for holding my other baby!

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