Friday, February 25, 2011

22 Weeks

Pale and tight...still. the belly button is rising to the surface. I showed it to two of my coworkers today, though that was probably weird, because it is

Feeling pretty good, some days I feel bigger than others, and at different points of the day I feel different than others. 

I feel like my face still looks the same when I look in the mirror, but then looks fat in photos...reverse anorexia body image? Or maybe I just don't care as much about sorority posing my face as I used to? Either way, the fat face photos have

I think I am finally at the point where I am gonna have to break down and get some maternity dress pants. Oy.  Also, the belly seems to be shifting...lower? But I thought it was supposed to get higher? I am confused. 

Pretty good. I still like healthy foods, and the smell sensitivity is almost completely gone... though for realz a student almost knocked me out with his cologne the other day. Wowza.

Still loving Mexican food, and really wishing for a margarita lately. 

Weirs, random and doesn't linger. Something will hurt and then just be gone. Weird yo. When do Braxton-Hicks start? That will be hella weird.

Either really great, or really bad. Mostly I wake up because of acid reflux burning my throat. AWESOME. 


But a few nights ago I slept like a rock for 8 straight hours, woke up, had pushed the pregnancy pillow out of bed, no covers and my hair was a straight wreck. It looked like I had just won a fight. Go figure.

Mental State
Great! I am feeling really good about where we are, the fact that the weeks keep seeming to fly by is weird-o though. When I was newly pregnant it seemed to crawl, and now it is all like "Whoops, there goes February," and "oh? I am at week 22? I didn't even read my weekly baby update for 21 yet!" Yikes.

In other body image news, other than my face feeling fat, I think I look damn good preggo. I caught myself admiring my body for the first time in a while the other night in front of the mirror. Pregnant body, you are all curvy and awesome and wondrous and I love you...until the stretch marks appear, then we are OVER. Seriously though, how amazing are human bodies. Craziness.

So.much.better on meds...when I remember to take them. 

Nasal Issues
SO over it. I am almost to the point where I want to argue picking your nose in public while pregnant is totally socially ok. I JUST WANT TO BREATHE PEOPLE. Don't worry, I'm pregnant, it's ok.

The Girls
Measured my bust the other day with a girlfriend at work, like you do for dress sizes, over the bra and boobs. My measurement? 40 inches. Are you KIDDING me? between the expanding ribcage, which was already big to begin with, and the girls...this is getting a little ooc.

Fetal Movement
Moving and grooving all the time. This morning I got to "see" my first baby movements, and since then my belly has looked a little slanty, so there may just be a butt jutting out or something. 

Sidenote, baby kicking or elbowing or heading the bladder? Move up baby! That belly made all that room for you!

Weird Stuff
That my abs can still totally move my belly. weird. Also, being out of breath, all the time. When I was presenting in my interview today I kept getting out of breath and all the women were like, "oh yes, the diaphragm not being able to expand...I remember that well"

At least it's a sisterhood.

Bonus picture! This is what a pregnant lady looks like when she interviews and none of her suits fit:

Hello overexposure! My office was really bright! But you get the drift...

I am actually a little perturbed by this because my makeup looked smokin' and you can't see any of it. 
Oh well. The outfit is hot though, right?

22 weeks, 1 day along

...and I can't wait to get out of my office and enjoy this weather. Please stay 70* until at least 7 pm Hampton Roads!

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