Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thoughts on a Nursery

We are one day away from the big ultrasound, and I am finally ready to revel some of what has been rattling around in my head about the nursery for Baby G.

Have you heard of the site Polyvore? If not, I suggest you jump on it now. If nothing else it is a great place to collect some thoughts from different places you have scoured on the internet.

Mostly, people use it to throw outfits together, some folks use it for interior design. I have used it for more of the interior design side of the house, though mine are much more like storyboards and clippings than setting up a whole room. People are SUPER talented with making things look like a real room! Craziness.

Anywho, there are a lot of things still to consider and many thoughts that I haven't begun to materialize yet, but here is the start of it. I will keep everyone up to date once the actual work and purchasing begins. (Also on A's emotional state as his man room gets transformed...weep for him, will ya?)

This encompasses a couple of things I have seen elsewhere. The infamous YHL crib, which was also used by another blogger I follow here. Besides all of the environment-friendly, non-toxic stuff, I like the look, super like having good reviews from others, and it has a drawer. All things I want. We would get it in the all dark color here, though my heart lusts after the white and dark wood look...but alas, someday this will have to be in Navy housing, where we are not allowed to paint. Therefore, on principle, I try to stay away from white furniture.

The dresser I already own, and it is actually stripped to bare wood, soooo I can make it whatever color I want. No decisions yet though. The walls will either be off white or a blue/gray that will play off the fabrics... which I will show you in a second! Calm your horses! (something my mom used to say, ha!)

I am in love, love, love with that glider. I will do a separate nostalgic post about why I need and want to rock my babies to sleep (having mostly to do with watching my grandmother rock grandbabies to sleep), but I want to. And, I would like it to be in a chair that could live on in other parts of my home. Since it is from PB this would definitely be the biggest splurge, but I am hoping maybe the grandparents will want to chip in on this? Hint, hint, nudge, nudge. (subtlety is my strong suit, dontcha think?)

What else? Oh, these prints are from an Etsy shop I flagged a long time ago as being my fave. The prints come in different colors, and I may go with some of her prints with children and animals in them, rather than all animals when the time comes to order...but I love these. Depending on what color I choose to do the walls when the time comes will then decide the color of the prints. Plus, French in baby's nursery. Done and done.

I have a few other thoughts on things that I want for the room - such as an antiqued wooden ladder leaning up against the wall with quilts hung on the cute does that sound? And of course a bookshelf for books and odds and ends. Also, a floor lamp of some sort.

And now for bedding. I can't find anything I really, really love, with the palette that I am looking for out there in the world. So I am making my own. After combing fabric sites, and stores in Hampton Roads as well as Richmond, This is my favorite palette (so far):

That central fabric would find a new home as a crib skirt and the others will somehow come together in pillows and crib bumpers. I know, I know, crib bumpers are evil, ack! But, i will have them, they will be removable as the need arises, etc. Calm yourself, Iago. (Anyone else pull out that phrase? Nope? Ok, just me and my sis then.)

So, these are the thoughts.

Again, nothing has been purchased, but I think this is the start of something really beautiful that could serve for a boy or a girl without being too matchy-matchy or too, "look how I got all of this stuff in one box!" You know, like the pop up Christmas trees in SkyMall that are already pre-decorated. (=Lame)

19 weeks, 6 days along

...and tomorrow is the big ultrasound - I am super excited but starting to get that anxious feeling that I get before every appointment. Hope everything is going well in there Baby G! Your daddy and I can't wait to see you move around!


  1. I always love your style! Loving what you are thinking of doing with the room! The grouping of fabric on the left is my fav... or maybe I want that to be in my room.. haha

  2. Love those michael miller fabrics! I actually have some of those in my fabric stash.

    i used crib bumpers, but i know some folks say they are dangerous. if you decide not to use one, but still want the fabric, I like the look of putting fabric in cross stitch and quilting hoops and putting them on the wall. so cute.