Friday, February 4, 2011

19 weeks

Out for date night with A...on our way to see The King's Speech at the Naro

**Haven't taken the photo yet, thanks NAVY for having my hubby on watch on my weekly turnover day. Sheesh. Will take tonight.**

I have succeeded in making myself nauseous this week by either waiting too long in between eating or being starving and then overeating because I think my stomach can fit as much as it used to when I was starving. Well, back then there wasn't a baby squishing all my innards together. Sheesh.

Lesson - I need to learn to graze, and plan on bringing smaller more plentiful amounts of food to work.

Doing ok, if only the sun would come out I think I would feel so much better. Dear Spring, where are you?

After the midwives spoke about huge babies and the mommas that "did it to themselves" I have been striving to eat healthier and stay active. I did my prenatal yoga DVD last night, but it was a little less stretching and a lot more yogaerobics. It was a weird combo, but I will rock it out!

We did have one 0* day this week and A and I took full advantage doing a quickly paced walk through our neighborhood. I love our neighborhood, and wish it would get warmer sooner so I could walk it more!

Healthy stuff is still appealing, thank goodness! I have had more salads in the last week or two than I had throughout my whole first trimester. Yay veggies!

Not too much lately, yay!

Difficult. I feel guilty that I am starting to really enjoy when A is on duty and I get the whole bed to myself...with the dog and Snoogle of course. So far those are the nights I wake up 2 or 3 times instead of 6-8.

Mental State
Enjoying being pregnant and spend the days planning a lot of things, but when I get home just want to snuggle on the couch and lay still so I can feel the baby move. 

Also, as I was searching the interwebs for birth stories this week I accidentally stumbled upon an all photo one. When I clicked on it there was a huge picture of the baby fully crowning real up close and personal with my face to the computer screen. 

Thank you Ginny Weasley for conveying my emotions.

Ok, realistically, maybe it was more like this:

Ha. Then I went home and told my husband (irrationally) that that photo made me, "Want to run away, but I can't run away because wherever I run the baby is with me."

And then he laughed. Let's move on.

Tums are my new bedtime snack. That is all.

Nasal Issues
Pretty good actually.

The Girls
I think I may need to invest in some good sleeping bras here shortly. Apparently constricting sports bras are not good for the girls and I will need to upgrade to something allowing a little more flow.

Fetal Movement
Definitely rocking after the workout last night. So fun.

Weird Stuff
Being pregnant is like an automatic icebreaker. It's weird. People chat me up in public all.the.time now. I mean, I like talking to people, so whatevs, and so far it has all been positive - "You're how far along?! Girrrrrl, you look so good!" (thanks random ladies in the checkout line!)

As this progresses I will be interested to see if I get the "You look like you are going to give birth right here and now" a la Katherine Heigel in Knocked Up.


In other news, just for fun, since our BIG ultrasound is next Thursday (!!!) I am going to put up a poll in the sidebar to see who thinks we are having a boy or a girl. Yay! Vote for fun.

Most people are already telling me their preferences, including random people at Walmart at 11pm, but I would like to see some stats.

19 weeks, 2 days along

...and I am alternatively scared out of my mind and seriously so pumped to birth this baby. Good thing birthing classes start soon.


  1. i lost it. the jenny weasley picture is PRICELESS. When you are crowning you 1)won't be able to see it in its full glory and 2) aren't gonna care what it looks like because you'll be pushing a baby head out of your vag. It is too surreal to even have any feelings about it in the moment (except "holy crap it burns!")

    Birthing babies is awesome. you should be excited.

    Target has nursing bras and tanks on sale this week (well, tomorrow is the last day). I LOVE their tanks and sleeping bras.

    and for the eating, keep lots of fruits and veggies cut up in the fridge (a la the robertsons house). It helps. xoxo

  2. I second the target nursing tanks---loved them! Tanks were so much better than the nursing bras because they hid the leftover "chub":) I also had super bad heartburn {like water made me cry bad} with both kids and had to be put on meds since tums did nothing for me. I definitely don't miss that!

  3. I don't know anything about nursing tanks...but does your camera have a self timer? Those are sometimes better than husbands :)

    PS: SO in love with the glasses look!