Monday, November 18, 2013

It's Tradition

I guess, since I have done it for two years now, it's tradition.

Yup, just like last year - I made my kiddos some daytime Halloween outfits that will be used again on Thanksgiving.

I made Evelyn's skirt using this tutorial and this tutorial.

I wanted to make a skirt both ways, and figured, let's just combine 'em.

I made Liam's overalls using this tutorial and pattern. (The pattern is generously sized for my skinny baby and was perfect for length, especially if you plan on cuffing the pants to show the lining.)

I opted for a pocket instead of the button placket to decorate his overalls, and since the tutorial and pattern calls for *almost* a full lining, I went ahead and did a full one.

So now, they are REVERSIBLE.

I mean, why not?

If you're already making them it's like two more steps.

I promise. Not that hard.

{"Evelyn! Hug your brother!"}


{This may be my very favorite photo, ever.}


 {Ok, maybe this one's better.}

Evelyn Rae is two years old, Liam is nine months old

...and we continued the baby in a pumpkin tradition too.

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