Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The one where I generally complain and explain my absence.

Y'all. I don't even know if I can describe the level of tired that I am right now to you.

The kids have been sleeping like gangbusters lately which has been awesome, especially since they were essentially BROKEN from Christmas until like a week ago.

So, A and I decided to go ahead and stay up to watch Jimmy Fallon on the tube last night. Live, even!

Naturally, after heading to bed at an ungodly 1am - the kids slept terribly. Little man is getting a tooth and was running a fever. He was up at 2. and 2:15. and 2:30. and then pretty much straight on through until 4am. I headed back to our room at that point and tagged out.

{Thankfully, the husband was able to go to work a little later today because he had to take Bings to the vet this morning to start on our Japan/rabies/quarantine/testing/allthethings protocol to get him over there with us.}

Naturally, he went to sleep in about ten minutes for Daddy. And then...Evelyn woke up. And then...Liam was back up. and then...we had two kids in our bed who both weren't feeling awesome, and were generally grumpy about having to share Mommy and Daddy's bed with each other.

This comes after we up and decided to tear our kitchen apart this weekend and had been pulling long hours on that anyway. Oh? That project? we decided on it on a whim. LIKE YA DO. Especially when you are getting ready to sell your house. You know.

In any case. I am le tired. Like, so. so. tired.

And get this.

The love of my life, father of my children, all around favorite person and husband? He is at class. Precalculus. {He is taking it as a prerec for grad school, because hello, he was a History major and so he took none of the maths.}

So, that's new.

The only available class time for him at registration was twice a week, 5:45-7:15.

Go ahead and groan along with me if you are a parent, because you know that this is the absolute busiest time of my day. Dinner, kids up from naps with unshakeable energy needing to be entertained and then subsequently quieted down, bathed, read to and in bed.

And thanks to Daddy's work schedule - he doesn't get home in time to spend any real time with the kids before needing to jet off to class. So.

All in all, I'm not super proud of the screen time that the kiddos have been granted lately, but WHATEVS. SURVIVAL.

And, that's where I have been.

But, I totally have a lot to share, and catch up on...and...thoughts.

You know. That I would like to convey in this space, because I don't think the dog appreciates them as much as some of y'all out there might.

Evelyn Rae is two and a half and Liam is ONE.

...and, I am totally aware that this was a post about nothing. Let's all just go with it, mkay? Thanks. You're a pal.


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