Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Easter!

In the spirit of my children being crazy today, I bring you -

 Easter 2013: A Photo Essay

Gee Mom, I sure am glad you brought me down before that crazy sister of mine. 
What is that thing? P.S. Sorry we woke you up so early this morning.

Look! Another one! 
Also...I am sliding on this wood floor. A little help?

Here she comes... 

This thing is AWESOME!

Look - a bell. How charming.

Oh, hey bro. Are you upset because you didn't get one too? 

Bike in the house!

What else is in this thing?


Uh, Dad? You seem to be enjoying this boat more than me. I look for eggs...
and put them in this basket?

Game ON! 
Look how fast I am! 
You can't even focus your camera, Mom!


Note for next year, this was cute and all, but I expected a bigger challenge. 
The Easter Bunny didn't even HIDE them! They were all just out in the open.

All done? Already?

Wait, there's stuff inside?! 

Mom, let's be real - I am never going to win against her, am I?

 Nom. Goldfish. Nom.

I don't think I am going to share these with him. 
Because, um, the baby can't eat real food anyway! Yeah! That's it.

Check out my sweet eggs.

This is the best.

Later that day...

So, umm, you got any eggs to hunt around here, Nana?

Here she goes again.

There ARE eggs here!

I love this day.

Nana's bunny is way better than ours - he brought marshmallows. 
Can we send ours a note for next year?

Wait - we get to paint them too?

Eggs are officially my favorite thing. Ever.

Don't worry buddy - you can join in next year.

 Later that night, when Mommy realized she didn't exist in any of the photos and tried to get in on the action...

Ummm, you're kidding, right? 
Do you realize what time it is?


Evelyn Rae is 20 months old, Liam is 7 weeks old

...and next holiday - Mommy is getting in some photos.


  1. Easter looked awesome! Who knew Ev would be so into it?!

  2. These pictures are so so cute! The big open mouth excitement! Love it!

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