Friday, April 12, 2013

Two Months

My Darling Little Man,

I know that in years I will mourn the fact that you squirm and wriggle and say, "Aww, Moooom" as you roll your eyes when I attempt to address you with terms like, "My Darling Little Man" - so, I will use them now, when you just smile that big gummy smile at me as I say them to you.

In this, your second month, we have been settling into our routine as a family of four and we have been whole heartedly enjoying your emerging personality. You have bestowed your wide mouth and bright eyed smile on us this month - and you are very generous in that. You are such a happy baby and really do smile so, so much. (Of course, not for these pictures, however.)

You also smile right before you spit up. Every time. So, occasionally I am wary of your happy gurgling.

Speaking of gurgling, you seem to be having a conversations with us most times. You coo and sigh with us in a conversational rhythm and it is pretty damn cute. It just tickles every corner of my heart to have these little chats with you.

You have huge baby blue eyes that already convey a crazy amount of emotion. You observe things around you with a discerning gaze, seem to think about what you are seeing and then more times than not settle on enjoying what you see - and letting us know by that almost ever present grin.

Your favorite thing to observe so far seems to be your sister. She loves entertaining you with her antics. When she's not totally ignoring your existence, that is. We seem to be on the upswing of that, though, and she is really loving helping to find your pacifiers or bringing us diapers when it is time to change you. She occasionally brings her books over to you and makes sure that you can se the pictures. She loves kissing you on the head and  tickling your feet.

There are very few things that make you unhappy, but the things that definitely do are well known to us. You cannot stand a wet diaper, and have absolutely no patience for it. We have recently switched you to cloth diapers and you seem a bit happier in them for a little longer...or maybe I am just hopeful. You are also pretty impatient when your meals inevitably get interrupted because I need to go stop your  mischievous sister and her puppy partner in crime from their latest escapade.

We had your two month check up today, and you are dong just great. You have a strong head and neck and the pediatrician was super impressed by how calm and smiley you are. You even cooed at her. You are measuring 24 inches long, the same as your sister was at two months, but are a total pound heavier than she was at almost 13 pounds.

You are a great sleeper so far, knock on wood, and take good naps without a swaddle, but you love the swaddle at night. You seem to wriggle and snuggle right in after being wrapped up and generally drift off. You really love to be cuddled and carried though, so the swaddle love isn't really a shock.

I can't wait to keep snuggling you right up until you can't stand it any longer.

All my love,


Evelyn Rae is 20 months old, Liam is 2 months old

...and taking these pictures seem to be proving more difficult than Evelyn's were. I wonder why...

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