Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Five Months

My little Liam,

I must admit, we have fallen a bit behind on these photos. This month wasn't really our fault though, because we didn't get back from Wisconsin (and your first big trip!) until after your actual 5 month mark. But, you have again grown and changed in leaps and bounds since our last update.

As you can see from these photos - you are sitting much more comfortably and strongly than you have in the past. You really like sitting up for short periods because your sister seems to pay more attention to you this way, though you sometimes complain and fuss about sitting - my sneaking suspicion is that it bothers your little tummy by putting too much pressure on it. You are still quite the spit upper and our huge stash of burp cloths is never too far from reach.

We have been pretty adventurous in enjoying the spoils of summer this month, with plenty of outdoor time for you and your sister. We hung by the pools of some different friends in the beginning of the month and you definitely got plenty of outdoor time in Wisconsin. With all the pool and lake time, you have become quite the little water baby! You enjoy your bath time a whole lot more than you used to, smiling and laughing and splashing away.

You did extraordinarily well on your first big road trip with us, and you slept like a good little baby. You did not, however, sleep quite so well on your first couple of overnights without Mommy and Daddy. We went to a wedding in Long Island for a few days while you and your sister got to hang with Grandma Barb and Grandpa John, and you were none to happy about not having Mom to snuggle up next to while we were gone. It was only two nights, but I have a sneaking suspicion that your grandparents were ready to just be daytime snugglers once again.

 While we were gone though, your Grandma confirmed my absolute worst suspicions. You are definitely scootching. What the heck, son. You are only five months old and you are trying so hard (and achieveing successes!) on the mobility front. I thought perhaps I was just imagining it, but nope, your grandmother informs me that you were indeed on the move. I think you are trying to chase after that crazy sister of yours as you become more and more interested in anything and everything that she is doing.

Speaking of your big sister, she is pretty adorable with you. She calls you "baby brother" and pronounces your name as "Yee-um". She gives you lots of hugs and kisses and is super concerned about where you are and what you are doing all.of.the.time. She hears you over the monitor or crying and says "Baby brother awake!" or "Baby brother sad! Help Mommy!" She is consistently excited to help with you and has really started to love being my sidekick when it comes to caring for you. Naturally, you adore her and all of the (completely age inappropriate) toys that she brings to you in a steady stream, though now that you can grab for toys when she is playing with them, she is starting to eye you a bit more warily.

Your teeth are working really hard on cutting through, your bottom teeth that is. I can feel them both under the surface, so we are playing a waiting game to see which pops up first! You are still relatively insatiable and love your long and lingering nursing sessions. We will start you on solids next month (!) and given your general interest in everything and anything that is on anyone's plate around you, I am pretty sure that you will take to it like a duck to water. 

You are growing so fast and so big, my little man. I can't seem to see it happening day to day and then I have moments where I look at you and get a jolt of the toddler and child you will too soon become. While I am terribly excited to meet that kiddo, I am enjoying the snuggle bug that you are right now. You still think the best place to sleep is in anyone's arms - especially Momma's - and most of the time I don't mind that one bit.

Keep growing and exploring and discovering my adventurous boy, just don't do it too fast.

I love you with every bit of my wildly beating heart.

All my love,


Evelyn Rae is TWO YEARS OLD, Liam is five months old

...and here are some extra (sort of kinds of really blurry, but I still love them anyways) pictures of those baby blues.


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