Thursday, October 31, 2013

Conversations with Evelyn

This morning, I loaded the kiddos in the car, barefooted and still in jammies - to go get some "donduts". Evelyn has asked for a donut every morning for over a week - and well, I love me some donuts so it was time to cave. The man making my coffee was dressed as a penguin and a certain two year old exclaimed "Yay! Donduts!" Throughout the whole procedure.

Scene: Upon arriving home:

Evelyn: "Donduts are here! I'm so excited!!"

Me: "Mommy is pretty excited too - but we have to eat breakfast first and then we can have a donut, ok?"

Evelyn: "Okaaaaaay Mom!"

Takes a bite of sandwich...

"Mmmm. Delicious!"

Eyes donut as she chews and whispers...

"I'll see you soon, dondut."

Evelyn Rae is two, Liam is almost nine months old

...and Happy Halloween!!


  1. oh my goodness..that made me laugh so hard

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