Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Idea Girl

If I were a super hero, I think this would be my identity...

Idea Girl!

Here she comes with more creative projects than she has time! To Do lists that will never be fully accomplished! Wildly ambitious and passionate, she has ideas for everything! Improve! Make it work!

But watch out for that follow through. Or lack thereof.

I tend to get a little, um, stuck once I have a vision in place of how I want things to look or unfold. In the midst of a project I can be totally flexible and go with the flow (because hey! that didn't work? Dont worry! I have another IDEAAAAAAA), but I don't like to let my overall ideas go.

I don't know if that makes sense.

But, it's how I am and it drives my otherwise loving husband absolutely nuts-o.

He is very much the tunnel visioned type who can walk into Target for the one thing that he came for and walk out 5 minutes later with that one thing, and didn't even notice they sold other things.

Whereas I am all about ALL THE THINGS.

"Let's just browse a bit. OMG LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS. "

For example, I have been working on Evelyn's Big Girl Room for almost a year now, y'all. Almost a year. Yes, home projects and designs are continually evolving, blahbity blah. But, I just finished (last night) one of the projects that I knew I wanted in there when I started this whole shebang.

But, it wasn't vital so it kept getting pushed aside for other things, because NEW IDEAS! ALL THE TIME!

{This is why Pinterest is the best and worst thing to ever happen to me. And the rest of the internet using world. You know.}

In any case, usually I keep a pretty good balance between knew ideas and accomplishing those same ideas. BUT, after Liam was born, everything kind of ground to a halt for a while.

I take that back, the accomplishing ground to a halt for a while.

But the ideas? The ideas kept right on coming. Time marches on, yadda yadda yadda.

Thankfully, I am sort of out of ideas? I have a couple of projects that I am ready to pull the trigger on still, but those ideas that have just kept getting moved from one to do list to another are pretty much all accomplished.

WHAT? Who am I? Where am I?

{Which is where I have been while I have been taking my, um, hiatus from this here space that I love oh so dearly. You know and that whole running after two kids thing. Holy crap is it different than one.}

But that's life, right?

Don't worry. I have tons of ideas about balancing all this stuff going forward.

{ha. see what I did there?}

Evelyn Rae is two years old, Liam is seven, almost eight months old

...and I am not even a little kidding when I say that right now as I write this two kids are crying, a dog is barking and there are dishes to be done. Back later. The best laid plans...

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