Friday, September 20, 2013

Welcome to Crazytown.

Both my kids are teething.

BOTH kids.

Low grade fevers, snotty, whiny, sad babies in pain. Waking up in the middle of the night. One baby wanting nothing but to be nursed all day and the other trying to push him out of the way to crawl on my lap.

At the same time.

I am so le tired.

And yet - and this is how I know I have crossed the bridge into Crazytown, USA - it is sometimes in the most chaotic and babies crying and snuggling and snot covered moments...That I feel most sure that I want more babies.

Is that weird? Some kind of weird immersion psychological syndrome that I am experiencing?

No? Yes? Who knows.

I am so tired. And exhausted.

And I want more.

Not right now.

{God, please, not right now.}

But eventually.

Evelyn Rae is a big , bad, two year old growing some molars, and Liam is seven whole months old growing some tiny, shiny top front teeth (I think).

...and we will try this whole blogging thing again next week.