Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Day

Today, I dropped my little girl off at her very first first day of school.

Preschool, that is.

I had butterflies in my stomach and wasn't sure how I would manage maneuvering a toddler, baby and the huge bag of required supplies down the itsy bitsy corridors of our adorable school, let alone the butterflies due to watching my girl face her first big, step out into the world moment.

I wanted to be calm and cool for her though, so I faked it a bit. I held her hand and as we walked toward the door, she pointed at other little ones on their way in, exclaiming "Fwiends!" 

Little by little my faking lessened. 

She took a tumble outside on the sidewalk and scraped her knee. As she frowned a bit and asked me to pick her up...

{sure kiddo, I'll carry you and your brother and this huge bag o'stuff and hopefully not take out any of the other tiny humans running everywhere}

...I thought, "Uh oh - that's it, now she is going to lose it and all this careful build up of excitement is going to come crashing down around me."

But as we approached that sweet little classroom door, she started straining her neck to see what all the commotion was about.

And as we walked through the door, well, that was it.

She was hooked. 

"Down, Mommy" she said quietly in my ear. 

And I obliged. 

I watched her meet her teacher and walk right over to a table with puzzles and books.

She looked at another little girl sitting there and said, "Hi, I Evie." 

I saw my little baby walk right up to another child in her class and introduce herself. 

No prompting, no hand holding, there she was. 

Making her way in the world.

I quietly watched her from the corner as I unpacked the school supplies and put them in the specified containers. She was happily playing and engaging already. Smiling at the teachers and other kids. 

I debated whether or not to even say goodbye. Would I ruin it if she knew I was leaving?

In the end, I couldn't stand to not say something, so I made my way to her, gave her a hug and a kiss and told her to have fun. She kissed me back and turned to play, without a second glance.

I was so amazed and awed by her confidence and how proud I was of her, but I didn't cry. 

Neither of us did.

And so, just like that, here we go.

Evelyn Rae is two years old, Liam is almost seven months old

...and y'all. This is post 499 on this little blog, which has left me with a severe case of writer's block and anxiety over the last week on what the heck to do for post *500*. I'll think of something. 'Till then.


  1. wow. What a confident little girl. She's two years old and she introduced herself!! you are doing a great job

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